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The Most Important Paper In Your Future Have you ever noticed that some of the most mundane or boring topics are some of the most important of all? On the surface, todays topic will seem like a real serious yawner to be talking about. But IÕm here to tell you that the discussion of the information we are going to cover is of vital importance to you and your family. You wont want to miss it. Unlike most of the things that you do to be ready (preparedness Ð aka, prepping or disaster readiness, emergency preparedness, etc.) which you hope you will not actually use, and just might not have to use, this is one provident living item that you will absolutely need at some time in the future. I dont mean there is a high probability of needing it, I mean with absolute 100% certainly you will need it. Weather or not you have it will make a huge difference in how things turn out for you and your family when the time comes. Joyce Moseley Pierce has been involved in personal and family preparedness for many years and her personal experience has demonstrated the importance of being ready for whatever may come. She is a host on the Preparedness Radio Network (PRN) with a weekly program to provide information and guest interviews on the All You Need to Know Show. Joyce loves to talk to anyone about the importance of being prepared in all areas of life. She believes that there is far more to this than just storing food and trying to live off the grid. In 1989 she published a very compact, but extremely important book, All You will Need to Know. . Her web page is http://www.preparedineveryway.com/. Safe Harbor Alliance Website