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current events, economic changes, poetry and food

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tonight's show talks about leaving somthing behind in the form of stories, conversations, poems, and writing down things for memory and a history of being someplace. we also talk about the summers SuperMoons and other observations... more

independance day special... recaping the summer, ideas on rules and freedom and recap of job market and news of the day with docrobphotostop in Tallahassee Florida

we say hello and good bye to 2014 all over again with recap, observations and ideas of what the year has been so far and what might happen in the second half of 2014. topics will include the job market, food, eating and just about... more

21 shows in the first half of 2014.... well maybe 22 if we have a show next weekend. we look back on so far the year that has been and preview things to come July to December 2014. talking about as always, food, jobs, florida, the... more

talking about the new season, some news and recap of information from the past week, shairing lighter cooking ideas for the summer months and recap of job situation with some information on great writers who follow trends in labor and... more

today we talk about turn over in economy, jobs, life, art. and even food! that's right, just might talk about turn over recipies or healthy takes on the. we also as always recap spme news, weather and other topics that have happened and we... more

asks the question what is the new normal going forward in jobs, career, and personal day to day living; also talking about the usual show format of talking about jobs, career outlooks, some news, last weeks D Day rememberances,... more

talking about weather, astronomy, heat wave in Tallahassee and early start to summer, new norms in weather, economy, new job recap after first 2 weeks, and my comments on some news stories from past 2 weeks I am just getting too.

a weekend recap and talk on jobs, news, and other ideas. We will also talk about food ideas, hobbies, and enjoying the weather even when its bad weather. we also talk about the meteor shower that was not to be last night

talking about job making, cooking on deck in warmer weather, observations on generational differances in outlook for the future, TV recap from some of the season final eposodes wated last week and other topics