Pet Cows Healing Your Lonely Soul, Part II

Perfect Family Storms

Perfect Family Storms

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Diana Dorsch, as co-host explore how pets have an amazing power to heal our loneliness, lift us out of despairfight depression, reduce stress and touch our lonely souls in ways that humans cannot.  Diana shares  part II  of her story about how a  cow  named "Baby" saved her life but not without sacrifice. This is a gripping tale of a “perfect family storm,” in the little town of Kreuzlingen, Switzerland.  In one particular family, “the people became animals” and the animals, on the other hand, behaved as people.  Listen in to the second of a three part series to find out what happens to Diana and her "Baby".  I suggest that you hug your pet or get a stuffed animal and a box of tissues because the story that you are about to hear  will touch the depths of your soul.

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