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Docradio.net is dedicated to the life saving martial art teachings of Dr. Moses Powell and Sanuces Ryu and the martial arts community. We also recognized that at 5th dan masters can create their interpration and give that interpretation a name well many names have come about that are elements of the sanuces ryu jujutsu system and Docradio.net does not leave these elements out rather we attempt to unite these elements under the banner of The Triangle Alliance which all falls under the essence of what sanuces ryu really is which is Urban Tactics Street Jujutsu.

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by senjokai in Sports Sat, August 26, 2011 Senjokai.com a warrior within branch presents on the mat interview with Grandmaster Anthony Muhammad a Sanuces ryu Master. Host will be Sensei Salahaldin and Shabazz "The Architect".... more

by senjokai in Sports on Fri, November 18, 2011 November 17,2011 9pm Senjokai a warrior with in branch interviews a sanuces ryu master and only master to be given the title of Dr. by Dr. Moses Powell. Host is Shihan and... more

by senjokai in Sports Sat, August 27, 2011 Senjokai.com a warrior within branch presents on the mat interview with Grandmaster Noel Arrington in Sanuces Ryu Jujutsu a living legend and Professor Abu 'Ubaidah Muhammad a sanuces ryu... more

by senjokai in Sports on Sat, Oct 29, 2011 Senjokai.com a warrior with in dojo interviews a student of Dr. Moses Powell from the famous atlantic avenue dojo in brooklyn. Host is Shihan Aljaber and Shabazz the Architect. This brown belt tells... more

Oso Tayari Casel is the founder and director of the Tayari Casel Martial Arts Academy, an institution that researches, demonstrates and spreads the contribution that Africa and China have given to the international martial arts... more

Furqan Shabazz has an in depth interview with one of the original Grandmasters of Sanuces Ryu from Dr. Moses Powell. Grandmaster is also the founder of VASK jujitsu. Tune in March 19th to speak with an authenthic 9th dan and master of... more

Furqan Shabazz Show reunites for one night with former teacher Shihan Salahaldin to talk about and analyize past shows from the past tune in to hear a rare and exciting episode. To get his thoughts and some clarity on the triangle... more

Furqan Shabazz Show presents the best from his next 6 past interviews of his guest GM Darrell Sarjeant, Ms.Gina Barnett, Soke Haisan Kaleak, Chief Professor Yahuda Shem Yahuda, Sr. Professor Sayfullah Al-Amirykiy and Ms. Arlette... more

The Furqan Shabazz Show Plays the best highlight from all 43 interviews he has done so far. Tune in to hear the first 6 highlights of some of the best interviews from 43 guest. We also talk about the streets of nyc where dr powell was raised... more

The Furqan Shabazz Show has in depth exclsuive interview with one of the rising stars of the VSK Jujitsu system Shihan Lemuel Muhammad "The Young Sensei".