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Docradio.net is dedicated to the life saving martial art teachings of Dr. Moses Powell and Sanuces Ryu and the martial arts community. We also recognized that at 5th dan masters can create their interpration and give that interpretation a name well many names have come about that are elements of the sanuces ryu jujutsu system and Docradio.net does not leave these elements out rather we attempt to unite these elements under the banner of The Triangle Alliance which all falls under the essence of what sanuces ryu really is which is Urban Tactics Street Jujutsu.

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DocRadio presents Modern Combat Masters with Host Professor Darrell Sarjeant and Co-Host & Executive Producer Kancho Dan Vena. Tonights Special Guest is Grand Master Gary Parker, please join us this Wednesday night at 9 PM EST for this very special interview. Guests can call into the show by dialing 1-(646)-716-6825. Book Link : http://www.tambulimedia.com/books/chanpuru-reflections-and-lessons-from-the-dojo Garry Parker was born in Columbus, Georgia, and began training in Kodokan Judo as a high school student in 1984; after high school graduation, he enlisted in the United States Air Force, and was stationed at Kadena Air Base, Okinawa. Shortly after arrival in Okinawa, Parker enrolled in the Hamagawa Dojo, where he learned under the watchful eye of Takamiyagi Hiroshi, Hanshi – The founder of Goshukan-Ryu Karate. After separation from the Air Force, he was granted a visa and continued to live and train in Okinawa until 1996, when he moved back to his native Georgia in the United States. Parker received authorization to teach Goshukan-Ryu in America, and opened the first branch Okinawa Goshukan-Ryu Dojo outside of Okinawa in 1999. As the senior American student of Takamiyagi Hiroshi, Mr. Parker serves as the North American Honbu-Cho/Director for Goshukan-Ryu Karate; he also hosts the annual Goshukan Gasshuku, and teaches at regional training camps and seminars as he works passionately to spread his teacher's art and the values of Okinawan Karate and Wu Zhu Quan (Five Ancestor Kenpo). He is the pioneer of Okinawa Goshukan-Ryu Karate in North America, and is the author of dozens of articles and has worked in both the Private Security industry, honing his skills in the tactical training field, in addition to being a small business owner, and a corporate trainer.
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Welcome to Modern Combat Masters on DocRadio with your Host Professor Darrell Sarjeant and his Co-Host / Executive Producer Kancho Dan Vena. Our Guests can call into the show by dialing 1-(646)-716-6825 at 9 PM EST.

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