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Docradio.net is dedicated to the life saving martial art teachings of Dr. Moses Powell and Sanuces Ryu and the martial arts community. We also recognized that at 5th dan masters can create their interpration and give that interpretation a name well many names have come about that are elements of the sanuces ryu jujutsu system and Docradio.net does not leave these elements out rather we attempt to unite these elements under the banner of The Triangle Alliance which all falls under the essence of what sanuces ryu really is which is Urban Tactics Street Jujutsu.

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http://www.docmagazine.net http://www.martialscienceinstitute.com/ Good Evening and Welcome to Modern Combat Masters, presented to you by DocRadio International in association with DocMagazine. Tonight's host, Professor Darrell Sarjeant will be talking to Dr. Ken Jeremiah and GM Naquahva Mutakabbir about our beloved teachers, styles and methods. We intend to review healing as it is applied by martial arts practice. The stress factor in everyday life and how it effects your development in martial arts as well as in your daily life. Join us every Wednesday night at 9 PM EST, and to call into the show please dial the following number: 1-(646)-716-6825
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Good evening and welcome to Modern combat Masters, tonight's host Professor Darrell Sarjeant and his co-host Kancho Dan Vena are proud to have as a featured guest on the program Soke Frank Sanchez. One of the true modern... more

http://www.docmagazine.net http://www.kudan59.wix.com/emsoi http://www.kudan59.wix.com/iiaoka http://www.kudan59.wix.com/emsoidanvena http://www.teamkia.wix.com/team-kia Good Evening and Welcome to DocKarate... more

Greetings family; we ask that you join us in a most serious discussion. "The Universe will give you the test and then it will teach you the lesson" What test of your warriorship has taught you a life's lesson? Join your host Soke Haisan... more

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