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Docradio.net is dedicated to the life saving martial art teachings of Dr. Moses Powell and Sanuces Ryu and the martial arts community. We also recognized that at 5th dan masters can create their interpration and give that interpretation a name well many names have come about that are elements of the sanuces ryu jujutsu system and Docradio.net does not leave these elements out rather we attempt to unite these elements under the banner of The Triangle Alliance which all falls under the essence of what sanuces ryu really is which is Urban Tactics Street Jujutsu.

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Greetings family; and welcome to another edition of Making The Connection. "Vital points or vital principles" Are we as martial arist just "collecting" techniques? Are the principles behind these techniques being neglected? Join your host Soke Haisan Kaleak and his co-host Salim al-Rashid Hanshi, this Friday 10/28/16 at 8pm. You can reach us on your Pc's @Docradio.net or by phone at (646) 716-6825. And remember All belt levels and opinions are welcome.
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Greetings Family; Welcome to another thought provoking edition of Making The Connection. "Does the training conditions of a Martial Arts system determine the outcome for the practicitioner?" We are listening! This show welcomes All... more

Greetings Family; We will are airing a re-broadcast of a previous edtion of our show,dated 8/26/16 entitled "On a scale of 1-10 how much weight do you give the ability to take as well as you can give. We thank you for your continued support.... more

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Good evening and welcome to DocKarate, with Host Kancho Daniel J. Vena and Co-Host Shihan Kyle Forrest, tonight's subject matter will be Chinto Kata and its roots. As Isshinryu practitioners we practice chinto kata and this empty hand... more

Greetings Family; and welcome to another edition of Making The Connection. "After a prolonged abscence from training can we "get back" to where we were in before? Join your host Soke Haisan Kaleak and his co-host Salim al-Rashid... more

Doc Hardbody is dedicated to personal fitness and strength training. Our first issue is will "ROC" Found of RocFormation one of the most explosive fitness and strength training programs in Brooklyn Nww york. Tune in Tuesday at 9pm To... more

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Greetings Family; welcome to another edition of Making The Connection,''what part of your life has Martial Arts affected most" Join your host Soke Haisan Kaleak, this Friday (9/30/16) 8pm. Your thoughts and opinions matter to us here... more

http://www.docmagazine.net http://www.martialscienceinstitute.com/ http://www.kudan59.wix.com/iiaoka Good evening and welcome to Modern Combat Masters Tonight Special Co-Host Grand Master Odette Russell will be... more