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In addition to explaining the true nature of the Universe and of reality, quantum physics, even at the most fundamental and non-mathematical level also fully explains the reality as experienced on a daily basis by all life, whether consciously or otherwise, profoundly affecting the reality of every single person without exception.

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Tonight we are going to connect with our Ancient ancestors. Aset(Isis) Aser (Osirius) Ma'at Sekhmet.. Ptah.. and more. Mario your host and guest Rainbowpagan2

Host Mario is back with Troy Taylor the founder of PowerPlayersMagazine. Listen as Troy talk about his latest interview with Louise Style He is a upcoming rapper that Troy is promoting.

Join me and my co-host Kat with our special quest tonight its a surprise.............

Why? is it important to know Troy Taylor well you are about to find out.This friday we are going to talk about Entertainment with Troy Taylor and his magazine company and why we should know about it.

Join me and Don Bernard on raishing our vibration with our chakra in meditation.

Dr. Love is Back and with his Bach remedies you do not want to miss this.....

Tonight show is about healing our emotions and our psychce. Understanding the human being on a soul level. How to cure all dieases from cancer, dibeties to AIDS. Also removing psychic attacks.... more

Tonight show is going to be an Hour of the goddess of prospersity yes yes Ms. Lakshmi. we are going to talk about how to channel Lakshmi energy into or lives. "OM Shreem Lakshmi Namaha" and the Mantra "ShreemBrzee"

Tonight its all mataphysics with Dr. Delbert Blair about what is to come in 2012. What is going to be left of the planet for 2012? Are we going to disappear? What happens to the Illuminati? Are people going to develope more as clairvoyance,... more