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What's on your mind??? Tune in to special guest host TJay Outsider talk about the hottest topics going on in entertainment news today and giving out advice on how to be successful as a young entrepenuer!!! This show will definitely... more

The question was raised on a FB post that I found quite interesting. Person states that he understood the whole gay/Lesbian thing but didn't understand how you claim to love the same sex but is attracted to someone who looks and dress like... more

Tonight we will be taking one of our inboxed suggestions!! Is it ok for a father to lie on a mother, take her kids then him and his wife keep them from her. Make them call her mama or they get hit. Mind you if the mother is in no way... more

With all of the recent talk about the Mike Brown Ferguson incident I thought that we would bring you something fun and exciting to talk about.... How would you go about picking your partner for a threesome with your mate??? Would it be with... more

What would you do if your mate was caught up and had to do 8 years behind bars??? Would you ride or die or would you walk away? We want to hear from you tonight....

There has been a variety of facebook challenges swarming the internet. Most of them deadly!!! What is your reaction to this new challenge craze!!! Are you a fan??? We want to hear from you!!!

Every time you look up social media has done an excellent job of breaking up another household or glorifying the twerk team. It has even gotten to the point where people are posting beatings, killings, and just down right ignorance like... more

Your favorite threesome is back and in just enough time to ask you about your sex life!!!! How important is sex in your relationship? When do you need and how often! What turns you on and off? When sex is barely existing in... more

How would you react if yor mate came home and told you that they had HIV/AIDS? What does to death do us part mean to you? In todays society so many relationships are based on the artificial. Everybody want that fairytale... more

In recent news in Detroit Nicolina Pace' son Antonio Hicks 19 years old killed his step dad in which his mom claims due to jealousy. She recently did several interviews and called her son the devil and said she wish Michigan had the... more