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A'mari "DJ Mona-Lisa" Broadcasting Show


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"Who would you rather listen to-married pastor that is freaking the gay pianist...child molesting priest...preacher who steals from the poor or a sinner like me?" Celebrity broadcaster DJ Mona-Lisa relates to her worldwide audience.. comical..fun...inspirational..exotic...bold. You just cannot afford to miss this show! Watch DJ Mona-Lisa (Sex and Fame)-the fascinating story of DJ Mona-Lisa, a current supermodel who launches her career in cyberspace; she accomplishes her goal...then sets out on a mission to live her adult life to the fullest in the real world. The most popular reality show features travels abroad,relationships,adult talks and more...quite exciting watching the most photogenic diva on the internet livin' la vida loca. Watch DJ Mona-Lisa videos at http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL099C098C522853DF

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The economy has forced radio broadcaster, DJ Mona-Lisa to put her P*ssy up for sale on Amazon. No negotiations as she claims that prices of goods has skyrocketed, utilities needs to be paid; overall her needs need to be met in... more

World famous broadcaster, DJ Mona-Lisa portrays the sexy persona of a "dumb blonde" as she strives to celebrate America's Independence Day. A realistic view of today's economy in America. For videos,podcast,photos, and... more

America's celebrity broadcaster, DJ Mona-Lisa...informs the public of the advantages and disadvantages of cyberspace and long distance relationships. Cyberspace Love is amongst the most popular podcasts on the worldwide web... more

Motivation for women and men who strive to live the Christian Life! Encouragement for the homeless-the jobless-the single mom-the father that feels worthless. One of the most motivational podcast for those who have been... more

Adult talk radio with America's famous radio broadcaster, DJ Mona-Lisa..fun,excitement,so exotic..away from the norm..far from boredom! America's most famous broadcaster, DJ Mona-Lisa's recent talk show on... more

America's most famous broadcaster, DJ Mona-Lisa's recent talk show on BlogTalkRadio-02/06/11...She relates to matters in regards to her sexuality and torrid childhood experiences. Radio listeners are shock to hear about the price... more

A testimony of Jesus Christ by America's most famous broadcaster, DJ Mona-Lisa. DJ Mona-Lisa responds to fans in regards to her lifestyle and her rights to talk about her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Watch DJ Mona-Lisa's... more
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