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This account is no longer in use. I did 2 hours a night 5 nights a week for two years but then suspended the show for a year. I am now using Here Be Monster's account and am only doing a 2 hour weekly show. Midnight Pacific Wed mornings (Tuesday night if you prefer) If you want to contact me please do so on my Facebook page called "The Pinko the Bear Show" Or at my new network/website www.thecommonsprojectnetwork.com where you can find tons of lefty leftist shows;) Cheers. Cheers and Solidarity, ABear/Pinko Nightclub vet who has traded Music for Politics. Interested in Politics, Policy, History and Truth. Big Fan of Noam Chomsky and consider myself to be a Left Libertarian, Anarchist, Socialist. I try to be on air Monday through Fridays from 10 PM to Midnight Pacific time. All shows are available here at blogtalkradio.com/djabear or at I-Tunes - keywords - DJABear or Pinko the Bear - Common themes here are --- Anti-Empire/Anti-Capitalist/Anti-Authoritarian... Pro-Peace/Pro-Logic/Pro-Reason/Pro-Science/Pro-Demonstrably Provable Truths. I also rail against Propaganda, Nonsense, Lies, Un-Truths, Bullshit, Snake Oilers, Bigfooters and ALL those who peddle or otherwise engage in such Manure. Just sayin'... Love you all. N U cant do nuttin' about it! Call me ABear (eh-Bear), Bear or AB (a bee) or Pinko or Pinks :) If you like the show, tell a friend... find me on facebook and add me... check out my website (work in progress) at pinkothebear.com or subscribe to my show at I Tunes... Cheers:) be kind to one another... be well, raise hell... Aloha Oe! Aloha:)

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Thought I would make another mix for the lulz.

I have suspended my regular 2 hour show... but I am free tonight and thought I would host a 30 minute show for kicks. It's a call in show - any topic is fine - politics? Religion? Art? Burning Man? Economics? Philosophy? I dunno know,... more

Nothing politicl tonight... just gonna play some music while I have a few drinks and relax before bedtime. It will be all NON commerical club/dance music from the 80s, 90's and early 2000's. Come hang out if ya like:)

Hi folks... I have been off the air for a couple of weeks... but I m back tonight for a couple of hours. There is plenty to talk about and comment on - so drop on by - and bring all your lefty/leftist/pinko/commie/anarcho-hyphens and comrades... more

Lefty Leftist Ear Candy for the Vampire Nation:)

Lefty Leftist Ear Candy for the Vampire Nation:)

Lefty Leftist Ear Candy for the Vampire Nation:)

Occupying the Mic on Friday Night Lefty Leftist Ear Candy for the Vampire Nation:) Call in number is 1 347 857-4732 Calls Clips & Commentary on the world as it is, as it might be soon and as it should be now
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