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sometimes you just got to say thank you....despite of all the bull...even though it may look bad just say thank you

16, 17, 14, how would your child look with a tattoo or piercing? Do you have any? Do you think it's cool for them to start at a young age? Tune in as we dive in

Is this a need or want...is it or could it be a distraction...when should they be allowed to use it

Just because you explain to your child the does and don't on sex are you giving permission to go try it? Should parents educate their kids on sex and what type of things that are out there? This and more on today's show

Valentines, Summer, Spring, birthdays, when is the best time to hook or break up...do you get with someone on based on a holiday or break up during the season

money...sex...hip hop...family...relationships

If your mate was lacking in a certain sexual area would you tell them, would you just take what they are good at, or would you except it all and try to teach the bad areas

everyone says it's better to tell the truth than to lie...is that true...is keeping things inside really a form of lying...should you tell everyone everything or is keeping it to yourself make you fake and a liar

are you here...but is it a cop out or is it a real ms. independent...do women take it to far

open forum about any and everything...it's DJ Hypnosis Birthday so any and everything goes...this is a show you don't want to miss