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Progressive Christian Living: Sex! Sensuality as Humility

  • Broadcast in Spirituality



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This recording is problematic due to technical difficulties. I apologize for the inconvenience. I will continue the discussion of Sensuality as Humility next week! Thank you for listening! 

Why is so much of Christianity directly or indirectly focused on our sexuality? Especially in Western Christianity, sexuality and sensuality has become synonymous with all that is sinful and evil. Why is this? And how, as Progressive Christians are we to approach the topic of our sexuality and sensuality? You might be surprised by the answers. The bible is not so restrictive as the Augustinian – Imperialist Christianity that most of us were raised with would have us believe. In fact, Christianity is an extremely sensual path. Humility, after all, is a full acceptance (without condemnation) of our human nature. So, let’s talk about it. No boundaries, nothing is taboo. We will talk about sensuality and sexuality in general; we will talk about masturbation, bisexuality, homosexuality, heterosexuality, and everything else we can think of. By addressing these topics I hope to let you know how FREE you actually are in Christ. Free even from an archaic worldview that the sciences and modern society has proven simply wrong. Come join me. Let’s talk about sex! And hopefully, in the spirit of Agape and non-condemnation we will come to a place of radical acceptance of ourselves and each other, and our world as is actually is.

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