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What would the Divine Mother say about what we see happening in the world? Join us for golden age teachings, meditations, mantras, songs and news commentary. Presented by Therese Emmanuel Grey, author of Miracles, Masters and Mirth, The Four Faces of God Shine Through Me and The Miracle Violet Flame. Become a part of our online spiritual community www.lightworldwide.net. when you sign up, you will receive a free gift. Also explore our You Tube video channel, GoldenAge Teachings

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Peshu Alga was an angel of great light who fell in consciousness and led Lucifer into the great rebellion. Peshu Alga was judged and taken to the Court of the Sacred Fire in 1985. We are experiencing the Saturn return of this event. The... more

Another controversial book, the Lost Gospel is being released today based on ancient manuscripts that claim Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene and had children. Is such an assertion a mockery of the sanctity of Christ? Can sexuality... more

In light of the debate over assisted suicide, what happens spiritually in a suicide, and after a suicide? Where does the consciousness of suicide originate from? What can we do to help people contemplating this outcome?

My little boy was bit by a rattle snake on the neck last week and stayed safe, having given prayers to Archangel Michael.

Learn more about the fantastic benefits of giving violet flame mantras and invocation every day. I'll share some personal stories.

Let's talk about an event that took place with Mother in the etheric plane the morning of October 11, where thousands of souls had gathered.

What is the community of the Holy Spirit in the Age of Aquarius? How do we become that community? What will unite us in spite of our differences and help us transcend the outdated patterns of the Piscean Age? A teaching and... more

A Spiritual Statement of Purpose

  • by DivineMotherSpeaks
Years ago, I wondered, “What is life about? Why I am here?” Now I know there is a way, there is a purpose, there is a greater self that we can become. We have a spiritual mission. In the business world, companies go through a great deal of... more

Islands of Sanctuary - spiritual reflections about the time we are living

  • by DivineMotherSpeaks
The world is in a precarious place. From the crashing economy, to supercharged euphoria in the political landscape, from war and chaos in the Middle East, to China poisoning its children's’ milk supply, from increased seismological... more
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