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Divine Plan of the Ages Talk Show

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Divine Plan of the Ages


The reading of the Emerald Tablets of Thoth

Ancient history only applies to the Muurs. The Muurs
are the original people of the planet. We are the 1st
to land here, the 1st to do everything here. Our story
is embedded in time and the cosmos. When one looks
at the stars in the midnight sky they see our story.

To properly discuss our antiquity it would take years. There
is so much that has to be debunked 1st because so much has
been covered up. Our Aunkh-cestors are clever. They saw
the coming events and knew that we would go into a state
of slumber. In order for us to awaken they left keys
This is only 1 of many series to come. You may read along
or read on your own time. This series is in the form of a study group not teaching. If you would like a free download or link to the PDF file to read along email us at least 3 hours before the show. Any time after that you will have to wait until after the show.

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