Divine Illumination

A Challenge

The truth of who you are, why you are here and what you are to do this moment and the next is within you now.

Contemplate these questions by being still, clearing your mind, connecting to your soul energy in the area of your heart and waiting for information to come to you through thoughts, words, visuals or feelings. Repetition of this Practice can bring to you the truth of all of your capacities. Journaling when connected with your soul can also reveal to you who you are as your soul helps you to remember all you are. Place the intention to know: Who am I? What is my purpose? What knowledge, skills and abilities do I have to contribute to the evolution of this planet and all life? Be patient as the information will come to you in stages. Understand that the truth you receive is coming from your soul.

The Masters are here to assist in the upliftment of this planet and the coming home of all mankind who chooses to do so. Never before has there been this much assistance. The energy in, on and around the planet is filled with truth – as you are. Finally, we can know ourselves, come home to ourselves and live lives of glorious peace, beauty and incredible wonder through the fullness of who we are and all that we are capable of.

Never doubt that you are a divine being. Never doubt that you have within you what humans would call unlimited abilities. Stay the course and come home. Together we will create and be, share and become a new kind of world where there are no longer feelings of being limited.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


With a world in rapid evolution and dissolution it is difficult to tell what is truth and what is false. Having been raised as a human in a dual world complicates it further as we have frequently been told half-truths and lies as part of the daily dose of input from family, friends, society, governments and even religious organizations. The harm done in this fear-based world is largely due to this, the absence of truth. Truth that is unalterable based on divine laws and which stands regardless of the situation, the times, the sender and/or receiver. In order to move home to Self – integration with the soul -- we must determine what the truth is. There are many who purport to have the truth, tell the truth, explain the truth, swear by the truth and live by the truth but is it divine truth?

When we are born our soul enters the body and we are awake fully to who we are and the truths of the cosmos. As we are taught to be this way or that, think, do and say this and that we conform to survive and learn through this process what is presented as the way on this planet, even though it never feels right. We do it to survive physically and to move forward in the world using this world’s rules. We learn well and eventually forget who we are and the truths we hold within us.

Truth, defined and created by the Godhead stands throughout time in every universe, every domain and every circumstance. This cosmic truth is not open to interpretation, negotiation or misuse. Divine truth defines the physics of the universes and the collective energy that created your soul and your form to use during this experience on this planet. The truth is that we are love, compassion and joy. The truth is that there is no harm created by the Godhead or the Masters. The truth is that you hold within you the truth, and it is that truth that you must access as it alone will show you the way and be your guide to come home to your self, create your life and fulfill your purpose.

Collective Mayhem

In this dual world with threatening harm and resultant fear-based living we exist day-to-day not knowing what tomorrow will bring. It appears to ease some knowing that tomorrow surely the sun will shine, although at times even that appears to be in question. The way of living, the rules and the inconsistency of information from all sources causes mental and emotional confusion that drowns out our own clear knowing. We are so busy surviving and making our way in the outside world that we have largely forgotten that we are inside, and we know how to peacefully, purposefully, clearly and freely move forward in each moment.

A cautionary flag must go up when anyone, at any time, in any form declares that they know the truth. We have all grown weary of the lies, and innately mistrust our institutions and leaders because their truth often changes according to their needs, and honesty and integrity is rare. Even then the human, clouded by their perceptions of this dual world through the ego-personality, can only speak of what they believe (at that moment), as the truth is filtered through their own perceptions of the world. Even those with the best possible intentions can relay mistruths as truths because all has gone through a processing in the human mind which was largely created by the ego-personality’s reactions, and consequently this is this person’s version of truth. We all know that if you ask 10 witnesses at the same incident to describe the incident you will get 10 different stories. It is the filters you see – the filters built since childhood based on experiences, perceptions, what was learned through example and what was decided along the way – largely unconsciously.

The truth, this divine truth I speak of, does not change and is never impacted by anything that occurs personally. Truth that is instantly changed through interpretation of one or many creates mayhem. It is no wonder that this has resulted in a global population that is suspicious, untrusting and judgmental of self and others.

Divine Truth

This Earth, universe and all the universes beyond are of such glorious beauty, complexity and wonder that glimpses into that world beyond this physical existence brings great joy and an endless fascination – urging us to know, “what else?” This dual world is limited in its imagination, creation and ability to entrance. Nature herself renews the wonder physically as seen in the sunset, the newborn babe, the rush of rain across skin and the free and true laughter of a child. It is all here but we are buried under misconceptions that must be dropped to see the truth right here on planet Earth – and beyond.

At times happenstance brings us to a new opening in our perceptions – a clarity and a knowing that is almost a physical sensation that is absolute and can not be denied, or if it is denied the negative results are witnessed. We all have these moments of knowing. Who knows? The soul knows. The soul speaks to us continually throughout our lives and it always, and only, speaks truth. Some may call this intuition but this word, and its interpretation is cautionary. Scientists report that women, for instance, are more intuitive than men. Is this truth? We all know from the soul and the soul is without a human label of sexuality. Intuition can be vague, a feeling or a sense of something. While knowing is unqualified in its exactness – an alert that penetrates all of the barriers inside to get to the conscious mind. You can feel it when you know, it is almost a physical sensation. While you may intuit and then know, the absoluteness of knowing must be recognized and honored, followed and appreciated as then it will expand.

For those who have walked the path of knowing and deepened that relationship with the soul up to having an open channel of communication, either through journaling or telepathy, you have reached the state where full knowing is possible. This is where we can all be and this is where we must all seek to go at this time on this planet. For inside is divine truth, knowing, wisdom, knowledge and the skills and abilities you brought with you, plus some you gained during this lifetime, to fulfill your purpose. Your truth is my truth for it does not change. However, if I say to you that you are your soul, the only life force in you is your soul, and that your soul holds this truth gained through many experiences, you can hear it but it is not truth to you until you get to know your soul, converse with your soul, begin to remember who you are truly. In this you find the truth within and a much broader understanding of that truth and all there is. The truth I present to you may resonate in you with an echo of familiarity, or like a sounding board of rightness. But truth is easily laid aside unless it is owned, inside, by each of us. Some may mimic divine truths in words, but if they do not live this truth they have not found it within themselves. There is no Master who can explain to you the miracles of the divine, this must be experienced to be understood. Mastery is mastery of self. Self Realization is knowing that you are self, the soul, and being that in each moment by being and living divine truth.

The journey home to self and all of the beauty, peace and exhilaration of living which this brings can start right now by finding your truth. We must all step away from the misadventures of dual living and sculpt, individually and collectively, a new world that is created from the loving truth that we all hold within us. There is no harm there. The fear we feel is due to old wounds that we can lay aside as one-by-one the truths become clear to us.

Each of us moves back into living truth in their own way. My journey is not your journey as we are all unique. But we all bring, in this uniqueness, our own contributions for creation of the new if we stand in our truth, lay aside what is not divine truth and insist, by taking responsibility and being in integrity, that our life be that truth -- no matter what. Beyond other’s expectations, beyond even our own patterns, habits and projections of what will be, we are in each moment true to the knowing and thus true to the truth we hold to our best ability – and that continues to develop with each effort of trueness and trust in our own selves.

Innate Knowing

We have within us an innate knowing of what is occurring now on this planet, and beyond words we understand the transitions that are happening worldwide, and within us. Since the creation of this planet the Masters have monitored and assisted in the evolution of this planet, and recently they have laid the solid groundwork for us all to use as we individually and collectively contribute to the whole of the burgeoning new world. Included in the Master’s strenuous attention to all facets of this metamorphous is the encoding of this planet with divine truths in many forms. Integrated in this is the encoding of a song that you can now hear. It is the calling forth of all who can hear to walk together, back home to a natural and glorious way of being. Here is the song. Can you hear the words throughout all on this planet? Can you feel the tones of this beautiful melody?

Song of Transformation

I am cosmic perfection
I am whole in being
I experience in joy and peace
I embrace the song of knowing
Change brings to me glory and Oneness

Practice: Sit in quiet. Breathe and still your mind. Contemplate one question you have that you would like clarity on. Place the intention that you will know, hear, and/or see with clarity the truth of the matter from your soul.

Cherie Skinner & Lea Greer Re post By Illumination

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