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Diva Taunia is a professional musician, 6 year gastric bypass post-op, and DRESS ADDICT! Every Monday at NOON, PST, she plays new music from artists and bands around the globe. On the first Tuesday of each month, you'll hear her giving away a ton of great sponsored prizes for her website "The Dress Addict.com" and on the first Wednesday of each month, hear discussions and find information and support for topics relating to weight loss surgery and obesity. For more information about Taunia, please visit: www.divataunia.com.

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Join us every Monday for a lunchtime music concert series (NOON PST), featuring some of today's up and coming musicians and songwriters. If you like what you hear, we encourage you to stop by their website or social media pages and let them know! All links can be found on the blog at www.divatauniablog.com (just look for the blog entry with the correct concert date). Our artists this week (click HERE to see the blog post with the programming and links to all of the artists below): 1. 95% Harold with "I Remember The Beatles" 2. Queen City Heist with "Tangerine Dream" 3. Richie Luna with "Celebrate" 4. Andy Sizemore "Feel It In The Air" 5. Sarantos with "Why" 6. Daniel Evans with ?Nothing Going to Stop Me? 7. Fox & Mew with ?Dark Night? Don't forget to sign up for the mailing list HERE! We only send out the newsletter once a month. :) Our show is sponsored by Wellesse Liquid Vitamins! Want to be a sponsor of our show? Please contact Rosie at rosie@divataunia.com for more information.
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Many of us are stumped post-surgery on what to wear and how to dress our new body. This week, we talk about body shapes, shopping, clothing that flatters, and shopping "trendy." We'll also talk about makeup, skin care, accessories - pretty... more

This week, we talk about the "big" issues: when WLS doesn't work. Regain & more. Hear special guest WLS Lovely Lisa Sargese discuss her experiences. Also, listen for our weekly WLS Meet & Greet updates and reports by... more

SPECIAL GUEST: Diamond Dallas Page is back on the show to announce the winner of the YRG Fitness Recipient and welcome them to the program! (It's also DDP's birthday today!) TOPIC: "THERAPY - GETTING IT." Dealing with... more

MARCH MADNESS GRAND FINALE GIVEAWAY! Tons of great prizes being given out tonight. Also, listen for our weekly WLS Meet & Greet updates and reports by Antonia and Melting Mama's weekly product review. Keep an eye on... more

The Gabourey Sidibe Discussion. Talk about fat acceptance and Howard Stern's remarks about her. Howard Stern's comments about how she's "the most enormous, fat black chick I've ever seen." Fitness and Wellness expert Susan... more

MARCH MADNESS MONTH! This week's topic: "Let's Talk About Sex, Part II." A continuation on last week's discussion about sex and WLS - the emotional and physical changes we go through when discovering our new sexuality. As part of... more

"LET'S TALK ABOUT SEX." Open, honest discussion about the pros and cons of sex before and AFTER WLS. WLS LOVELY: Antonia (aka AntoniaTakeTwo from YouTube). MUSIC: TBA. Please join my Twitter page for updates:... more

TOPIC: FITNESS AFTER WLS. Special guest joining us for tonight's program: "Diamond" Dallas Page! Pro-wrestler-turned fitness guru, the man behind Carnie Wilson's fitness program. Dallas joins us to talk about his new program, "YRG... more

GOD AND WLS: Talking about the claims that having surgery is "unnatural," and how those with religion deal with those remarks and make peace with their own faith while turning to medicine for help. Callers HIGHLY encouraged to... more

DIVA TAUNIA'S SUPER-DUPER VALENTINE'S DAY GIVEAWAY! (http://www.tiny.cc/divacontest - for more info!) Tonight's program is giving away tons of great prizes, including a new fitness package from Carnie... more
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