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Diva Weekly Strategies for Success. Each Week with the Queen Diva Robbie Motter,who is known as the Master Connector and Networking Queen.She and her dynamic guests will share many stories, tips and resources for marketing, PR, Speaking, SHOWING UP, and great opportunities to help you soar your business to greatness.

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Ron J. West is a results-focused executive coach, consultant, and speaker with a unique ability to inspire both individual and corporate transformation. Mr. West has invested his entire career in the growth and development of both individuals and companies in Europe and North America. If you ask Ron why he is so successful, he will say: ?I am passionate about what I do.? This passion is? evident in his dedication to life-long learning, from his formal education to his ongoing pursuit of the most innovative and effective ideas in the fields of personal and corporate transformation. After graduating from the University of Westminster, Ron earned his Master's Degree from Brunel University in West London. Ron believes that his greatest strength lies in his ability to take the principles of personal transformation he's learned from the field's top practitioners and apply them to the corporate world. His specialty is inspiring corporate leaders to recognize and remove the obstacles to their own and their company's growth, development, and success.? Ron's latest book: Corporate Caterpillars: How to Grow Wings This book is designed to inspire. It provides a kind of ?blueprint? you can use to create your own individual and corporate transformation to move from limited to limitless. To learn more about Corporate Caterpillars or explore what a positive and lasting difference Ron could make to you and your company visit ronjwest.comby Robbie Motter
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