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Diva Weekly Strategies for Success. Each Week with the Queen Diva Robbie Motter,who is known as the Master Connector and Networking Queen.She and her dynamic guests will share many stories, tips and resources for marketing, PR, Speaking, SHOWING UP, and great opportunities to help you soar your business to greatness.

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Meet Althea Ledford Author, Publisher, Uniquely Candid intellectual. ?Here's a Kicker! All the pieces of your life will not neatly fit together but that shouldn't stop you from playing all of your pieces??if you want to change the world, you can't be a Whimp!?quote from 10 Minute Hero This and other poignant thoughts are part of author and speaker Althea Ledford's candid insightful discussions. While often humorous and entertaining, her discussions never fail to make thought provoking revelations in her audience both live and on line. Althea holds over 20 years of experience in financial markets, business development and technology startups. She's interviewed hundreds of small business owners, families, innovators and entrepreneurs. Peter Drucker granted her the honor of opening one of his classes with a lecture on ?expert systems?-she didn't ask him, he asked her. Prior to becoming the first black female stock broker in her firm, she spent 10 years working in social services with displaced families and skid row. In 1990 while being a stock broker, she founded the Woman Minority Business Enterprise Resource Center located in Exposition Park, now known as the campus of Calscience center. She has a Masters in Management of Information Science from Claremont Graduate University, SISAT School of Information Systems and Technology and an Masters in Business Administration from The Drucker Graduate School of Management. Althea is an expert in social momentums, the mandatory changes in humanity due to technology. Human complex system design, alternative forms of cognitive data recognition and creating environments that facilitate comprehension (learning). . Althea has published a series of Videos, books and articles. Some titles are listed below, range from business, wallstreet, technology, Kids in technology and social engineering.
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Joanna Olsen is the Founder and Managing Partner of Olsen Global Consulting, LLC (OGC). Ms. Olsen has more than 25 years of client experience in Europe, Asia and the Americas providing Customer Relationship Management (CRM)... more

Have you ever lost out on a promotion? Struggled with a difficult conversation? Been put on the spot and blanked? Imagine if... were better at persuading others and negotiating for what you want. were more fluent at introducing... more

Ron J. West is a results-focused executive coach, consultant, and speaker with a unique ability to inspire both individual and corporate transformation. Mr. West has invested his entire career in the growth and development of both individuals and... more

Keri Kight is on a mission to help women build their self confidence and find their true happiness. While teaching children in the public schools, she became restless and bored, until she figured out her true passion: teaching women to... more

Stacey O'Byrne is a Speaker, Trainer Best Selling Author Certified Master Couch and a MasterNLP Certified Trainer, creater of the Master Networker and the Master Influencer Systems. She attended San Diego State Universoty where... more

LOVE, INSIGHT and PERSEVERANCE are the core principles by which my guest lives.America's Intimacy Expert, Dr. Katherine "Kat" Smith is formerly the co-host of a four yearsyndicated morning radio with ABC Radio Networks, Inc. Her... more

Robert White, CEO of Extraordinary People is an executive coach, author of ?Living an Extraordinary Life? and motivational speaker. He's also a serial entrepreneur who founded and led companies that have served over one million... more

Toni Henderson-Mayers is a sought after speaker whose message encourages us all to find careers and relationships we are "excited about" and to look for passion in our lives. Toni learned early on from her parents to seek a life that is... more

Ann Marie is a teacher, life Resuscitator speaker and author of "Releasing Your Story"action guide and the book "Look What I got on Sale" She is fiecely committed to guiding people to make sense of the Chaos in their lives and... more

Barbara has spent her life, both professionally and personally, working to have balance in her life between work, play, love and being the ?individual she really is?. At the age of 59, she is starting to catch on that it's all important, and to not... more
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