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Samara Banyar

Diva Radio, with Samara Banyar


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Change is good! That's why I've changed the name of my show from "Samara's Place", to "Diva Radio, with Samara Banyar". Let's face it, we're all "divas" deep down inside... OK, some of us have a dominant "Diva" gene, but my new show title does away withe that pesky apostrophe, which just seems to drive search engines crazy, so now its "Diva Radio. But don't worry, the name may have changed, but the game remains the same. We'll still be talking about relationships, dating, sexual interaction, fitness, beauty, and pop culture. And you remain a very important part of this program. No matter who my scheduled guest may be, I count on my listeners to make this show fresh, and to keep the content compelling and unpredictable. So listen, call, and join my chat room for a great hour of chat, talk, flirting and impromptu fun every Saturday night on "Diva Radio", with Samara Banyar.

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After the acrimony and tumult of a divorce, just how does one get "back on the horse" so to speak? How long should I wait? Where will I find someone who will want a marital retread? How do you date when you're financially strapped from... more

I get a couple hundred emails every week. Many contain questions about me, my career, my likes and dislikes, about sex and my opinions on all sorts of subjects. I thought it might be interesting to put myself on the hot seat during one of my... more

We're going ot look at some of the most outrageous and funny craigslist ads, we'll even answer a couple of them and see what happens. If you've seen one that just made you scratch your head, then call and read it to us. Also, everyone in the... more

This week's show is pre-recorded, but its a great show and regulars and newbies alike show certainly be onhand to hear the show Saturday night, and be present in the chat room. The show's producer, Gary, will be there to put some... more

So just how much do you want your new love to know about your last love? Conversely, what do you want to know, or need to know about his or her sexual history? And what about Ex's; To meet, or not to meet... But what if there are... more

On this week's show, we're talkin' sex toys, otherwise known as "adult novelties". It's a billion dollar industry that appears to be recession proof, and we have two guests who will tell us about what's hot, and how what lives in the drawer of... more

Due to some massive technical difficulties, our show from April 24, 2010, "Couples Dating Couples" is very hard to listen to. So we edited out the effected portions because we wanted you to hear what turned out to be a fascinating... more

Swinging? Swapping? Its come a long way since the "key parties" of the '70s and '80s. Thanks to the Internet, finding like-minded couples has taken the risk out of hooking up and more and more couples are doing just that. From mutual in... more

Is the bedroom where all the action is? Or is there something hotter in your kitchen than the stove? Is there a special reason the couch in the living room is so comfy? Or did you actually begin your family in the family room? So what... more

We have a great show planned for this week... What's the sexiest room in your house? Is it really the bedroom? I bet there will be some great stories, so call in and be sure to visit the chat room!
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