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Disturbed Paranormal

Disturbed Paranormal


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Listen Live every Tuesday at 9pm pacific and 12am eastern time.Disturbed Paranormal is a place to learn and educate yourself about the paranormal. We will cover topics on psychics, mediums, ghost, spirit communication, EVP Electronic Voice Phenomonenon, Cyptozoology, Demonology, Dangers of the Paranormal, safty, ghost hunting, paranornormal investigations, astrology and readings. Your Hosts Celebrity Psychic Belinda Bentley, professional psychic and paranormal investigator for over 8 years. Interviewing the finest in the paranormal field. Former host of Belinda Bentley's Paranormal World on haunted Voices Radio "bringing paranormal to the world" and Anything Goes with Melissa Bacelar! Not only can you find her on the radio, but also on TV, E! Vh-1 and Dave Navarro's Spread TV. www.belindabentley.com Joining Belinda every Tuesday is Author and Astrologer Hale S. Mednik. Author of the sensational fictional story around historic and astrologic facts The Twelve Tribes. Gifted in picking up radio show callers mental angish and issues such as split personalities and depression over the phone. If your crazy he'll tell you so! www.12-tribes.com http://disturbedparanormal.weebly.com/index.html. Disclaimer: This service is provided for entertainment purposes only, and no guarantees are implied or stated. You must be 18 years or older to receive a reading, and to make a purchase. This reading is not a substitute for professional, legal, financial, medical, or psychiatric advice or care. Please seek the advice of a trained Medical Doctor about any health concerns. Any decision you make, because of a reading you do so of your own free will. You release Belinda Bentley and BelindaBentley.com of any and all liability resulting from use or misuse of information attained from Belinda Bentley for any reason. Readings are subject to the client's interpretation.

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http://www.spookedproductions.blogspot.com/ Christopher Saint Booth of the Booth Brothers will join Disturbed Paranormal (DP) Radio tonight. Their horror documentaries are shown on SYFY and CHILLER. They have just released... more

Last weekend was a spiritual journey unfolded for 17 people. There was a Shamanic Journey, totem animals, a spiritual journey and a haunted house. Severally haunted. In addition to host Belinda Bentley sharing her weekend into... more

Celebrity Psychic Belinda always finds herself mentoring young psychics, teaching them the hows, whys and keeping them honest. Today's show will give two of those kids 18 and 19 year olds Brandon and Tamreen an opportunity to... more

Laurie Champion is a hostile haunts specialist and has been studying and resolving hostile hauntings for 34 years now. She will enlighten us about the difference between a ghost hunter and herself. She will also play some amazing... more

Join Hale Mednik, astrologer, author and adventurer and Celebrity Sex Psychic Belinda Bentley for another epic episode of Disturbed Paranormal Radio. We will be doing readings tonight, and special guest psychic Erin Kalashnikova will... more

This author had an experience with a Nephilim (hybrid) which he says we call Bigfoot. (We want to know what you think?) Book Title: Fallen Angels: Giants, UFO Encounters and The New World Order CK Quarterman attended Bible... more

Hillary Freitas will join DP radio tonight giving away free readings! Celebrity Psychic www.belindabentley.com updates us on cases of the paranormal and then offers free mini readings to show listeners. Hale S. Mednik author and... more

Join Hale Mednik, astrologer/author/adventurer, and Celebrity Psychic Belinda Bentley, the worlds first and foremost sex psychic, for another episode of Disturbed Paranormal on March 6. We will discuss a few unexplained events... more

Tonight we discuss witches, witchcraft, history and gift free psychic readings. Your host tonight will be Clairvoyant and Celebrity Psychic, Belinda Bentley along with Hale S. Mednik the Author of the 12 Tribes, an astrologer and Tarot Card... more

Updates on the lives and happenings of Belinda Bentley and Hale S. Mednik. Find out about the HPI Paranormal Scouting Event Paranormal Investigation near Yosemite National Park. 17 ghost and a Red Eyed Roof Crawl, is that an event... more
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