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The Tebow Effect: Creating the Millionaire Spirit

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Attorney turned spiritual coach is helping women all over the world learn how to create the millionaire mindset. Camille Walker is the creator of The Millionaire Mindset for Women and, like NFL superstar Tim Tebow, she is not ashamed of integrating spiritual beliefs into her daily business dealings. She's calling on more women to do the same. Cynthia has a provocative discussion the hot duo who's making women take a second look at their business and spiritual paths. Join Cynthia, Camille Walker and Jan Goss for lunch on The C-Radio Show Tuesday, January 10, 2012 at 11:30AM CST. 


2:21 Cynthia Nevels

Welcome back C-Radio fans, you're listening to the C-Radio Show. Your premier business technology and finds its program on the web. I'm your host, Cynthia Nevels and I wanna thank you for joining me for lunch today. Give us a call at (877) 455-6681. That's (877) 455-6681 to chat with our special guest today. We are experiencing technical difficulties here and I am hoping that we are all live currently. We should be okay now. This week's show is brought to you by The Christopher Quinn Group providing experience team in capital management consulting to faith-based organizations around the world. This is thecradioshow.net and click on the Christopher Quinn Group for more information. Happy New Year to you guys. Are you ready for an exciting year field with business tips from the hottest celebrities, economic moods, and global expert from around the world? Well, you're gonna get it. The C-Radio Show is your source for business technology, economics and finance news. You need to succeed. Remember, our show broadcast live from 11:30 a.m. to noon on blogtalkradio.com. This year we want to hear from you, visit the thecradioshow.net and submit your pitch. If you have a story you would like to share or comments on our latest site note blog. Remember, you can always post your pitch there on thecradioshow.net. Our show is very interesting today. Let me make sure that we are hearing one another, okay? Camille, are you there?

4:00 Camille Kellum Walker

Good afternoon Cynthia, I am.

4:03 Cynthia Nevels

Great, wonderful. Jan, are you there? Let's try this one more time I can say we're having technical difficulties. Jan, are you there?

4:13 Jan Goss

Yes I am. I am excited being here.

4:17 Cynthia Nevels

Wonderful. Okay now, we're here I don't know what happen but the sound is went off so I have to dial back in but that's okay we are here now. So, I wanted to begin the show by talking about Tim Tebow the Denver Broncos quarterback whose touch down that he threw in the last few seconds in overtime this past weekend help his team clinch a winning playoff game. Was it God's will? Talent or luck? We're gonna talk about that today. Tebow has made national headlines that so many for his effort, skill and record breaking play sport, but for his public displays of prayer at times. Controversial Christian beliefs that NFL doesn't seem to mind Tim's integration into the billion-dollar business of football. Tim's taking his beliefs to new heights all across the world using the NFL and his Denver Brancos team. My special guest today are dealing the same. Can public business is successfully integrate their spiritual belief into their operation without alienating their customer base. Well, I did some research to find out what are the companies are doing so. Well, I found Christian Brothers Automotive, this company was founded in 1982 by Mark Carr. He has a successful franchise with over a 100 locations across the South West region of the United States and they help their first base mission on their website. Their mission is to glorify God by providing ethical and excellent automotive repair service for customers according to Colossian 3:17. This is their mission that is on their website and their purpose and I thought that was very interesting when I found that. Of course another example is Chick-fil-A. That is an uber successful casual dining company that is closed on Sunday _06:12_ of the founder Christian beliefs as well.

6:15 Cynthia Nevels

These companies like T Boat, take a look at their model and made a decision to not hide their belief and integrated it into their purpose which has generated the positive outcomes for each. My special guest have done the same, they have taken a look at their model and decided there is something missing in the market and they believe the way we think has impact our outcomes. Camille Kellum Walker is an often attorney whose personal journey has been a bit of a novel in the making. A couple of years ago, she made a change in her life that ultimately change the way she did business which recur significant reward and at the same time she says open her eyes to a new world that already existed hundreds of years ago, but she simply miss. She is the creator of The Millionaire Mindset for women and she believes being a millionaire is not about the money. I also have the special guest, Jan Goss, who is the president of the Civility Consulting. She is a world-renowned author and a spiritual trainer for all The Millionaire Mindset for women. Ladies, welcome to the show. Thank you again for being here. I'm sorry about the technical difficulties before.

7:24 Camille Kellum Walker

Thank you Cynthia.

7:24 Jan Goss

Thank you for having us Cynthia.

7:27 Cynthia Nevels

You're welcome. Camille, I'll start with you. We've heard about the Tebow effect and how this public display of Christian belief is bearing up debate in the media. Why are Americans up in arms about this display in your opinion?

7:42 Camille Kellum Walker

Well, I believe probably because it's more local and visual than most. Christians have exhibited behavior this characteristic of Christianity for eternity, but Tebow has taken that to a new level and that's probably based on his personality. I don't know that people are up in arms, I think that it's a new thing and whenever it's new I think it's something that we're not accustom to and so perhaps it can lead people feeling a bit uncomfortable.

8:20 Cynthia Nevels

So, your company, The Millionaire Mindset for Women is based on biblical principle. This is right?

8:28 Camille Kellum Walker

That is correct. It is totally based on biblical principles. The topic of becoming a millionaire is something that's secular and religious markets are like are both interested in. I guess the focus here is on The Millionaire Mindset if you would say and it doesn't necessarily negate becoming wealthy, it just doesn't focus in that area. Naturally, we all want to prosper in different areas of our life since that we focus on that prosperity with also finances, health, and relationships which is the whole person, not just wealth.

9:11 Cynthia Nevels

So, how did you feel about creating an education and publishing company that targeted secular audiences, did you find or feel that it may be difficult to penetrate that market to outside of the faith-based organizations to teach this principle?

9:29 Camille Kellum Walker

I don't believe so, I mean these principles in some ways are universal. Now, I believe they are originated with the B-I-B-L-E, which is the bible, they've been adopted by the secular market so, I don't believe that we will exclude anyone. Hopefully, people will take a look at the principles themselves and then of course everyone has the opportunity to choose what they believe about God. It's just we don't want to apologize for what we believe as accompany.

10:04 Cynthia Nevels

Interesting, okay. So, The Millionaire Mindset for Women you say is not about the money. Can you break it down to explain to the listeners what is it really all about?

10:18 Camille Kellum Walker

First of all, The Millionaire Mindset is an online on demand training. It starts with a six-week boot camp training and it's a boot camp because it's actually a review of some of the basic principles of Christianity. One of the things that we've thought was important is to go back and strengthen those spiritual muscles that we actually started with. When we first became believers, there is certain principles that we of course believe in love, faith, trust. Those elements are very, very important and so, in order to develop or build the mindset you need to go back and strengthen those spiritual principles and revisit what you're actual belief, why you believe them and to continue on those beliefs are very, very important in establishing a new mindset. So, it's a six-week spiritual training camp to actually strengthen those core muscles. It's on demand.

11:20 Cynthia Nevels

So, okay.

11:21 Camille Kellum Walker

So, it's done from the comfort of your own home. You need a computer access, you go in with a three times a week 30-minute session. That's like into a mind makeover. That's the best way I can describe it.

11:40 Cynthia Nevels

Jan. Okay thanks, Camille. Jan, what's problem out there? I mean, are women losing a grip on the family? Are they struggling in their jobs? Are they looking for answers on how to pay their bills next month? What's the real problem out there? Why would people meet you? Why do you think people need to change their mindset?

12:01 Jan Goss

Well, that's a great question Cynthia and I think if you remember back when we're in school, when we had our multiple choice questions and the answer D was for the all of the above, I would say my answer to you Cynthia is D, because really it's all of the above and when you look at what the problem is, the best way that I know how to describe it for myself and I don't think that I'm unlike other women out there. For myself, there was a disconnect between what I knew God's promises were from my personal life and what I was actually seeing. This was this disconnect and so of course we know that it's through faith and patience that we obtained promises, 40 years down the road I was going, how long do you be patient? So, I had to look at my own life and say, there is a disconnect here between what the bible says and what I'm actually experiencing in the areas of wealth, in the area of health and then the area of relationship because if you think about it. When you have those three arenas intact, when your finances are intact, when your health is intact, and when your relationships are healthy, that's abundant life. That sounds like something that I read about. You know, in __13:32__ that was Jesus its whole purpose. So, I think that the number one problem is the disconnect and what we know to be true and what we actually experience and it begins between our ears, that's with a solution starts. It's if I were so excited about The Millionaire Mindset as a woman think so is she. So, if you want to know what your thinking look at your life because it is a reflection of your thought.

14:06 Cynthia Nevels

Very interesting. Now, this is it sounds like it's just a women's issue, Jan. It is not just the women's issue or is it?

14:15 Jan Goss

It is not and honestly, the material that we have, the truth of what we have is certainly not gender specific. We are targeting woman because I tell you this Cynthia, I am an absolute expert at being a woman because I have been one all of my life and that's been a lot of years now. So, I know about women because I am one, so I feel like I can speak from my heart, to women's hearts and bullseye the truth right into the hearts of women, so that we can see real and lasting and fruitful change and yes it affects our business. We bring it into our business, we bring it into our health, and we bring it into our relationship. So, those really are the three areas that we target in The Millionaire Mindset, wealth, health and relationship and we really look at them and what does the bible say and how come there is a disconnect and then we simply bridge the gap. So, did you experience life and life abundantly and no, that's not gender specific and manner welcome to join in as well.

15:33 Cynthia Nevels

Camille, how do you capture the Millionaire Mindset in a bottle for instance if you're trying to change the way people think, is there hypnosis involved or are you asking them to do something in particular. How do you capture it in a bottle?

15:53 Camille Kellum Walker

Well, it may be misleading to think you could capture in the bottle, otherwise I probably would be a millionaire, but I think what we have...

16:05 Jan Goss

Yeah billionaire.

16:06 Camille Kellum Walker

Yeah, I think what we have here is a process for a lifestyle change and we give them a glimpse of that process through the six-week training. Again, all of the training is pretty much around your mindset in how changing your mindset will change your life and if we show you how to do that and help you develop that regimen as a normal part of your routine the fruit down the road will be a Millionaire Mindset. So, it's not in the bottle, it's not a process that's complete after six weeks. What you have is a platform in you life after six weeks to continue for a lifestyle and a lifetime, because you will get better and better and better.

16:58 Cynthia Nevels

If I may disconnect something.

17:01 Jan Goss

Camille, she is being very humble. I will tell you what Camille has come up with is absolutely brilliant. It is her brilliant shining through. It is the mind of Christ operating in her because what she's done is created this boot camp and in six weeks you actually tie different mindsets to everyday activities. The things you're already doing. It's not like you have to add one more thing to your plate. "Oh, I have to add something else to my plate to come up with this different mindset." Camille has actually tied activities that you do everyday, whether it's putting on your make up or taking a shower, or driving in your car and she has tied those everyday activities to a very specific mind exercises, mind your sizes that will absolutely transform your life. It's brilliant.

18:03 Cynthia Nevels

Jan, tell me a little bit about, in your last research, how does a millionaire think? What is different about the way a millionaire someone who has financially, so to speak, reap successor or they has been successful? Do they think differently some of the struggling of the single mom, who is barely making $25,000 a year or are we all built the same? What are your thoughts on that?

18:32 Jan Goss

Well, I can certainly speak from my own experience on that. Because I was a single mom with a millionaire mindset and it is a different way of thinking and as a single mom, I had a six-figure income. Now, that's not a seven-figure income, but I can tell you I felt so blessed that I sought differently. And it wasn't about all of my great education and how brilliant and how smart and how beautiful and had nothing to do really with me other than the way I thought. And I ended up right in the middle of being surrounded by millionaires. So, I understand a little bit about how millionaires think. And I will tell you I'm just going to give you two. I'll just give you a taste, because a millionaire thinks in abundant. There is always in abundance. A property mentality thinks and lack. "Oh, my goodness, there is only one tie and if Cynthia gives a piece, then that means I can't have that piece," but the millionaire mentality understands, "Well, we'll just make another pie. Bake another pie." Like how many pies can you bake? Or you just keep baking. So, there is this abundance mentality rather than a lack mentality that is one thing. And then, another thing that I have noticed about a millionaire mentality is this. It is not an either or mentality. It's an inclusive mentality. In my Christian walk and the religion that I was raised in, I was taught you could either have a relationship with God or you could have money. It was an either or mentality? Now they didn't just come out and say it like that, it was much more subtle. But you either could be spiritual or you could be rich, but you couldn't be both and so a millionaire mentality is inclusive and that you understand that is not either this or that. You can have it all. You can have it all.

20:59 Camille Kellum Walker

And Cynthia just to append what she is saying one of the greatest things about this is your right. Everyone can profit. There are opportunities for everyone. So, there is not a limited amount of opportunity and there is also not an exclusive club with the opportunity. Most millionaires tend to move toward what they want. They don't think about what they what they don't want, they think about what they want. So, that means save all the guts that -- I called it the courage to be optimistic no matter what's happening and that was one of the things that I found when I initially thought about this, is despite the fact that the economies suffering despite the fact that the markets are tumbling. There are people out there're right now in this country better becoming millionaires at record phase. So, what's the difference? It's the mindset and it's so it's the things that we've been talking about here today. Wouldn't you agree, Jan? Any other?

22:02 Jan Goss

Absolutely, Camille. I am an expert and knowing how to have a millionaire mindset in the nix of adversity. So, we're not talking about just every things peachy in your life. I'm talking about it doesn't matter about the circumstances. You hold on to this mindset to the mind of Christ. You develop it and you hold on to it and you live a blessed, full, abundant life and death, what Jesus died for.

22:33 Camille Kellum Walker

Well and that's what he wants for all of us. That's what so beautiful about this. He wants this, this was his heart beat all along somewhere down the road. I think the message got deluded and so we are here to just clarify, put it in a crisp process for you and allow you to store. So, my goal and this is -- well an audacious goals, but my goal as the Millionaire Mindset for women is to save one million women across the country as part of this movement, maximize your potential and live life to the fullest. I don't see it any other way. We are not doing this for an exclusive view. This opportunity is available to all of us. Your idea of a millionaire in terms of the financial piece maybe different, but the mindset is still the same.

23:33 Cynthia Nevels

So, let's talk to the women about how they can access this information. What's coming up next for you all and how do they sign up?

23:44 Camille Kellum Walker

Well, first of all visit our website at the millionairemindsetforwomen.com, go to the website, there is also a free e-book on the website, so that you can read more about the secrets and what we're going to be discussing in the training, but the training is coming up starting January 16, 2012. Again, it's online on demand. You can do it on the comfort room of your own home day or night. You will be able to access it, so you go and sign up for the class. Space is limited so get there as soon as possible and get signed up. Again, it's a six-week commitment for the boot camp. Thereafter, there will be additional offerings in specific areas of interest. Specifically, health, wealth and relationships with the advance principles and there is some secrets to those advance principles that we'd love to share with you, but again the boot camp is an absolute pre-requisite to those advance classes.

24:47 Cynthia Nevels

This is good information. Again, that website is the millionairemindsetforwomen and the class begins on January 16, 2012. So, I encourage your listeners to sign up for the class, learn a little bit more. You can also give them a call at their toll free number and ask questions if you like or you may email them at joint@themillionairemindsetforwomen.com to learn more as well. Camille and Jan, thank you so much for being on the show today. I believe that you all have a tremendous gift to offer to women all over the world and I do believe that you guys are as confident as Tim Tebow who is displaying his spiritual belief and a platform that's going to be beneficial to all.

25:34 Jan Goss

Thank you, Cynthia.

25:36 Camille Kellum Walker

Thank you Cynthia for having us on the show.

25:39 Cynthia Nevels

You're more than welcome. To learn more about The Millionaire Mindset for Women, visit thecradioshow.net and click on the link. This week's show is brought to you by the Christopher Quinn Group providing experience team and capital management consulting to faith-based organizations around the world. Visit thecradioshow.net and click on the Christopher Quinn Group for more information. Tune in to our show on January 24, 2012, will talk to Marc Lane. He is the new Chairman of Chicago's new Task Force on Social Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Enterprise. That's Tuesday, January 24, 2012. Stay connected to us on twitter.com. We will follow us on facebook.com as well, as well as LinkedIn. You can always stay connected to us and find out what's coming and what's new. Thank you so much for joining the show and we will talk to you on the 24th. It's not how much money you make, it's how much money you keep.