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The process of Awakening can be like opening Pandora’s Box as we see our shadow selves being mirrored back to us in a BIG way. In our own Pandora’s Box we have the opportunity to look deeply at our fear, our pain and our imperfections. The more we understand ourselves the more we can see clearly why we have created the life we have been living up until now. We get to see what is behind our relationships with others, and most importantly what is driving our relationship with ourselves. Pandora's Box covers topics of narcissistic abuse, personality disorders, emotional abuse, emotional healing, the dark night of the soul, finding the authentic self, self love and other topics to invite deep self exploration.

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Kaleah and Kathryn Rudlin talk about unavailable Mothers and how those who grow up without emotional nurturing hunger for that nurturing all their lives until they can take that inner healing journey to find and embrace the Mother within. The book Ghost Mothers was inspired by the many years Kathryn spent trying to create a positive relationship with her illusive mother. When years of effort led nowhere, she came to see that her mother wasn't capable of maternal nurturing, and that she was a ghost-daughter, haunted by painful feelings and unsure how to move forward. Her healing journey reinforced the many strengths developed in growing up this way, and she now shares her personal and professional experience to help others thrive.
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Kaleah In Concert! Lyrics and Info

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I have an outline of my concert at the following link, which includes lyrics for people who would like to follow along. Will be performing at the LiveH2O event in Vancouver BC this June 19th-21st... more

In the late 1990s, Mada developed a groundbreaking new healing method – DHM (Dalian Healing Method) – to help people quickly and effortlessly transform their psychological and physical pain and suffering into health and consciousness.... more

Narcissism is a pattern of traits and behaviors which signify infatuation and obsession with one's self to the exclusion of all others and the egotistic and ruthless pursuit of one's gratification, dominance and ambition. As a character... more

Learn how to send and receive light and energy consciously as you walk, eat, work, do yoga, while making love, watering the garden, playing with pets, while healing, doing art work, taking pictures, creating projects and more. You can also... more

Join me as I interview Michael Arndt, The founder of Designed Thinking as we discuss spiritual empowerment and Non-traditional therapeutic approaches to overcoming those emotional/spiritual issues that prevent you from moving... more

There is a lot of research and writing on the issue of narcissism in the workplace, most recent showing that the Millenials may be more narcissistic than previous generations. This may have serious ramifications on employees and on the... more

Spiritual Teacher and Codependency Therapist Robert Burney, whose work has been compared to John Bradshaw's "except much more spiritual" and described as "taking inner child healing to a new level," has developed a... more

We will be having a special show on surviving the holidays! This is for those of you who are not looking forward to Christmas and New Years and everything that comes with it. We will be looking a starting your own new traditions and looking... more

Defining herself as “The Voice of Dating, Mating, and Relating”-- Mary Jo Fay's expertise is based upon a rare combination of knowledge from many of her own life experiences, combined with insights gleaned through interviews... more

Maya is devoted to releasing all fears and living in truth 100%. She lived 29 years in the hamster wheel of life, righteously blaming the world for all her suffering. Epiphany struck at age 30 when she was led to wonderful spiritual teachers and... more
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