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The process of Awakening can be like opening Pandora’s Box as we see our shadow selves being mirrored back to us in a BIG way. In our own Pandora’s Box we have the opportunity to look deeply at our fear, our pain and our imperfections. The more we understand ourselves the more we can see clearly why we have created the life we have been living up until now. We get to see what is behind our relationships with others, and most importantly what is driving our relationship with ourselves. Pandora's Box covers topics of narcissistic abuse, personality disorders, emotional abuse, emotional healing, the dark night of the soul, finding the authentic self, self love and other topics to invite deep self exploration.

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There are two dominating energies on the planet. One is the givers who are pro life and support the positive vibration of the earth and its creatures. The second is anti-life which supports the energy of destruction and resonates at a low... more

When it seems the evil and narcissism of the world is coming to the forefront and it seems to be an epidemic, something else could be happening beneath the surface that we don’t quite see. In this episode Kaleah and Kelly talk about the... more

So many people ask the question “what is evil?” We often think of evil as something that appears to us as ugly and sinister and something we would recognize right away. But this is not usually the case. In this episode Kaleah... more

Often times when recovering from any kind of abuse it is easy to be in survival mode dealing with the fear and anxiety as it comes up and learning to negotiate each painful moment as it presents itself. But this is no way to live. In... more

Why is it that after leaving an abusive relationship we can still continue to beat up on ourselves as if the abuser is living inside of us? Often the programming from abuse runs so deeply we no longer need the abuser in our lives to continue the... more

What are those elephants sitting in your “inner” room that you have been ignoring? When things seem overwhelming and “too big” for you to handle alone there is no choice left but to surrender. In this episode Kaleah and Kelly... more

The term “virgin” in Jungian psychology means “complete unto herself.” The mythological view of a virgin woman is that she is a woman who is not dependent upon an external male presence in order to be whole and fulfilled. She has a... more

Many people interpret the intense chemistry and sexual fire of a relationship as love but love may not have anything to do with it. In this episode Kaleah and Kelly explore the topic of love and what it really means to have a loving, honoring and... more

Kaleah Joins Co-host Kelly Lynn to talk about how to turn your life around after surviving the worst kinds of abuse.

The Lithomancy method of psychic reading is highly efficient and comprehensive because it offers insights into many different issues at one time and reveals how they interrelate. Patterns formed by the Stones clearly outline - in symbolic... more
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