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Take Back Your Power

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If you were to see your life force energy on a scale from one to ten with ten being fully energized, filled with vitality, happy, joyful and experiencing a sense of freedom and fulfillment in your life. One on the energy scale is a sense of being depleted, drained, depressed, sad, unfulfilled, lonely, lack of will to carry on, heavy and dark. I don’t have to ask you which end of the energy spectrum you would like to be on.

Being on the low end of the energy spectrum is a very depressing place to be and it is our desire to increase our energy vibration to a place where we can experience more vitality, love and abundance in our lives. In order to raise our energy vibration we need to have a good understanding of energy and how it flows through our being. Think of your energy as a river and your body as the channel in which the river flows. Imagine how the flow is blocked when you have sticks and logs and debris in the way. The force of the energy flow is backed up.

As you remove the debris from the river the current begins to flow stronger and you are once again in the flow.

It is important to look at how the flow of energy in your life is being blocked and get those blockages cleared away.

Your “Chi” is your life force energy. Super charging your “Inner Chi” is about getting the life force energy in your life flowing freely and abundantly. It is about moving those blockages.