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Dishing TEA is a progressive and upbeat look into the LGBT culture examining those things which keeps us ticking including celebrity interviews and the common and uncommon interests we share. In addition, Dishing TEA will be shining a spotlight on those things that needs to be improved such as social injustices and internalized phobias within the culture. Dishing Tea is open to ALL who will listen with an open mind as the show will give insight and distinguish between our Allies and our Adversaries!!

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Greeting and Salutations Tea Sippers!! You already know what time it is...so make sure you have your voices clear and your thoughts in order as we are going to get down to the nitty gritty and serve up some delicious crumpets to go with this hot pot of tea as YOU are my CO-HOST! That's right, it's a Don't Come out of a Bag Wednesday and the rules are simple, We can talk about Any and Everything that is on your mind, right here.. RIGHT NOW, BUT......if you decide to come out of a bag on me, I will come out of a Bigger Bag on YOU!! There has been so much going on in the world and these are a few things that are on my mind this week: Black Folks vs. Raven-Simone: Why is it that people seem to feel as though she is not entitled to her opinion? The latest thing that has everyone in an uproar is the fact she said she would discriminate against people with those "ghetto" names. Does she have a point or was she completely wrong? The Confederacy vs. The NAACP: Why is it this thing with Stone Mountain has become such a fight? Is this a distraction or does The NAACP have a leg to stand? On the Job Care: Why is it considered "Solitication" to care for your co-workers during hard times and bereavement periods? The Black Community vs. The Gay Community: We say we are all about the struggle for inclusion and celebrating diversity, but yet when tragedy happens, neither side comes together in solidarity to support one another's cause. Why don't we come to the aid of one another, but we insist that each side support one another. Is that right? ?This is going to be one ole Hot Pot of Tea for your nerves, darlings, so be sure to have plenty of crumpets and make sure you bring your friends.
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