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Dishing TEA is a progressive and upbeat look into the LGBT culture examining those things which keeps us ticking including celebrity interviews and the common and uncommon interests we share. In addition, Dishing TEA will be shining a spotlight on those things that needs to be improved such as social injustices and internalized phobias within the culture. Dishing Tea is open to ALL who will listen with an open mind as the show will give insight and distinguish between our Allies and our Adversaries!!

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Hey there TEA SIPPERS.... welcome to our first Don't Come out of a Bag of 2014. You are my Co-Host! Now, you KNOW the rules... you can call in and talk about WHATEVER is on your mind, BUT if you come out of a bag, I am gonna come... more

Hey there Tea Sippers!! Today we will be a special day for us as we will be blessed to encounter a singer who has been one of the melodious voices in the game of LOVE. After giving us the one of the greatest male emotionally charged... more

Hey there Tea Sippers! We are going to kick off the MLK Weekend with someone who is going to set it off in a way that only the Big Boys can and will appreciate! Our guest today is known in the Bear World as a force to be reckoned with... more

Hey there Tea Sippers. As we began this year with such hope and possibility, we lost a pioneer who became affectionately known as The Father of The Hip Hop Generation. Today, we will be paying homage to Mr. James Avery by... more

Hey there Tea Sippers....welcome to 2014! To begin a New Year, we are going to inspire you to reach for your greatness, aspire to be your very best, and desire for all that your heart, mind, body and soul says is to be acquired by you while... more

Hey there Tea Sippers! What an exciting Special Edition show for you. I know you have been following the TVOne Hit Reality Show, R&B Divas, well today we will get some inside information about how the show is constructed! Our... more

Hey There Tea Sippers. This episode of will have you inspired to make some things happen and will catapult you into your destiny! How many times have you been in that space where you've accomplished all that you said you were... more

Hey there Tea Sippers! As we continue in the season of GIVING and the holiday spirit, I want to take this time to reconnect you with the efforts of those who are still making a difference in the recovery of our sister country, HAITI. Our guest... more

Hey there Tea Sippers! As we enter into the holiday season, it is very difficult to do when we are coping with the loss of a loved one, especially when it is unexpected and even more so when it's a child. My guest today has decided to... more

Hey there Tea Sippers and welcome to a special edition of Dishing Tea with Big Meach. Today we will explore a timeless question that I think we may finally have some achievements with ascertaining an acceptable answer to "Why DATING... more
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