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Disabled Reality

Disabled Reality


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Discussions about all real life issues & combining them together with how stupid people think & do things

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Topic(s) of Discussion: 1) People Who Put Others Down Who Don't Do Things or Live Up To Their Expectations/Satisfactions, 2) People Who Get Out of Control Excited When Hearing/Seeing Bad News

Topic(s) of Discussion: 1) People Who Went/Go Around w/Negative Attitude/Thinking & Treat(ed) Others Like Garbage & Are Crying Now Because Karma Is Kicking Them Back In The Butt, 2) Self Improvements (Admitting To... more

Topic(s) of Discussion: 1) People Who Think That They're Better Then Everyone Else, Untouchable, & That Their "Garbage" Don't Stink, 2) Not Everyone Is Going To Like Who/What You Like All of The Time & Vice Versa & Couples Do Not... more

Topic(s) of Discussion: 1) People Who Get Angry w/You When They Get Into Trouble, etc For Things That They Screw Up 2) People Who Put Down/Make Fun of People w/Disabilities

Topic(s) of Discussion: 1) Always Be Supportive & Encouraging of Anything Good That Your Partner (bf, gf, spouse) Does, 2) People Who Love To Just Spend Money & Never Save Money In The Bank & In Investments

Topic(s) of Discussion: 1) Do One Thing At A Time, Not "Thousands" of Things At Once, 2) People Who Want You To Drop Everything You're Doing & "Jump" For Them Whenever They Snap Their Fingers, 3) People Who Do Everything At... more

Topic(s) of Discussion: 1) People Who Want To Go Around Destroying Property/Causing Violence During Protests, 2) People Who Always Want To Be Negative & Look For Problems, etc.

Topic(s) of Discussion: 1) Even though you may not like someone, it's so important to give them recognition when they do/say something that is right. Because when anyone is right then they are right & when they are wrong they... more

Topic(s) of Discussion: 1) Electors of Electoral College Solidified Trumps Win, 2) Protestors Need To Do Peaceful Protests & NOT Act Violently

Topic(s) of Discussion: 1) Trump Supporters That Went Around Saying That Hillary Clinton Should Be Locked Up, Are Now Having A Temper Tantrum/Hissy Fit And Crying Saying Trump Should NOT Go To Jail For His Criminal Acts 2)... more