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Disabled Reality

Disabled Reality


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Discussions about all real life issues & combining them with being disabled

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Topic(s) of Discussion: 1) Idiot kids riding their bicycles recklessly in the middle of traffic & riding bicycles on sidewalk, 2) Idiot Drivers. 3) Idiot People Walking Around While Talking On The Phone/Texting, etc..

Topic of Discussion: People stupidly going around blowing up stores, gas stations, political/government offices, threatening to kill or having a witchhunt on a politician are pathetic waste of life idiots!

Topics of Discussion: 1) Religious people need to stop going to other countries preaching their religious beliefs where it's not wanted nor accepted & they need to stay here in the U.S. & help stop preaching hatred against LGBT people & stop... more

Topics of Discussion: 1) Drivers going right past traffic lights/stop signs and/or making it difficult/impossible for pedestrians to cross the street, 2) Pedestrians walking around while holding on to their phones & talking/texting, etc..

Topics of Discussion: 1) Civil Disobediance/Violent Protests Are Stupid, 2) Libertarians are Liberals, but for decades Democrats were known as the LIberals & the Republicans were always known as the Conservatives.

Topics of Discussion: 1) Donald Trump's Name Calling, etc., 2) People (In General) Lost Ground Foundation/Basics

Topics of Discussion: 1) It's so important to face all important topics & it's ok to agree to disagree with people & it's important to find compromises with them, 2) If people make a stand/defend themselves or if they show reasonable discipline,... more

Topic(s) of Discussion: 1) Stop the dividing of people/communities, 2) Democracy/Having common sense rules & regulations combined w/ understanding & respect of others

Topics of Discussion: 1) Preaching the Bible/Practice What You Preach, 2) Cultural/Traditional Ways of Living, 3) Labels on People/Gender Roles

Topics of Discussion: a) Health Care Fraud, b) People Wrongfully on Government Benefits, c) Religious People Preaching Hatred