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Disabled Reality

Disabled Reality


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Discussions about all real life issues & combining them together with how stupid people think & do things

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Topic(s) of Discussion: 1) Yesterday's Show Topic/People Who Are Against Labels, 2) People Who Are Afraid To Face The Reality of Things

Topic(s) of Discussion: 1) People Who Say That They Love You But Put You Down On Everything You Do & Like, 2) People Who Are Affraid To Stand Up For Themselves

Topic(s) of Discussion: 1) By Voting Kavanaugh To The U.S. Supreme Court & NOT Having The FBI Interview All Witnesses, Republicans Just Proved That Sexually Assaulting Women Is A Funny Joke To Them, 2) Voting Kavanaugh To... more

Topic(s) of Discussion: 1) If Bill Cosby's Sexual Acts That He Committed Many Years Ago Against Women Can Be Held Against Him Now, Then The Same Thing Can Be Done Against Kavanaugh, 2) Thoughts & Prayers Go To All The... more

Topic(s) of Discussion: 1) People Have To Stop Blaming The Use of Illegal Drugs/Partying For Their Actions, 2) Nobody In Life Is Perfect/We All Have Flaws

Topic(s) of Discussion: 1) It's Amazing How So Called Adults Think It's Funny When They Disrespect Others But Don't Like It When It's Done Back To Them, 2) Now That Schools Are Back Open, What's Being Done To Help Improve... more

Topic(s) of Discussion: 1) Bullying Needs To Be Stopped. It Has Gone Too Far Now! 2) People Attacking The Homeless In The City

Topic(s) of Discussion: 1) People Need To Stop Being Hypocritical, 2) Be Good To Yourself/Take Care of Yourself, Because Nobody Else Will

Topic(s) of Discussion: 1) People Need To Stop Using The "Race" Card Every Time They Get Caught Doing Something Wrong/Illegal (Example: The Fight That Happened Between A Black Woman & An Asian Man In Tulsa Oklahoma), 2)... more

Topic(s) of Discussion: 1) People Saying One Thing Just To Tell People What They Want To Hear, But Then Doing Another. 2) Road Rages Are Out of Control