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News and views from Palestine and the Middle East.

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As for myself I believe that keeping pressure up BDS and calling our Congress, often! The people of America, for the most part, know nothing of what is happening in the Middle East except Syria's "civil" war. We have to gather the... more

Israel is losing its Jews so quickly that the apartheid state will only have its Zionists. Then what are they to do? PM Netanyahu cannot declare it a "Jewish State" anymore. So, what is a dictator to do indeed? Shall we watch as he twists... more

Israel has used America and our tax dollars to murder, rape, abuse, and terrorize the Middle East. Every day there are reports from Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Turkey, Syria, Libya, Gaza and the West Bank of crimes no country should put up... more

Just over 3 years ago I started to advocate for Palestine. During that time I have concentrated most of my energy on Gaza and West Bank. But there are much more about the Middle East needs to known. Zionism is a disease worse... more

1,000 prisoners in Israeli prisons go on hunger strike! Children shot then beaten and videoed by the IOF while their friends take pictures. Where is the outrage in America? Are we not the holy of holies out side the Vatican? Or are we as lame... more

North East West South My grandfather said it is how news was begun because it came from the four distances on a compass. I believed it then and I sure as hell believe it now. The one difference is that the East wasn't being reported at all... more

Water is life blood for the world and especially in a very dry climate as in Palestine/Israel. The Gaza and West Bank have been screwed out of their share far too long. Even the water they do get is not drinkable even after boiled and... more

Anti-Semite? Not me. The real anti-semites are the Zionists using the BS machine to advance their own cruelty over the people of Palestine since 1947. There will be a reckoning soon because the United States is growing tired of... more

I am thinkin how AIPAC is goin nuts trying to get back the clout they have lost. I feel a little happy because of the panic of the Israel Lobby losing so much in donations. Perhaps it is part of the investigations of donors in just about all of... more

Yesterday I got exhausted just naming all 35 toxic countries that are allies of our US. I know a few of you will say, "Just cut them off and stop this nonsense!" I feel the same way but these alliances have been going on, in some cases, over... more
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