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News and views from Palestine and the Middle East.

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The Pope's visit to the Holy Land is not pleasing to Ultra-Orthodox Jews. Kinda makes one wonder why. Me, I believe it is because the Pope is going to want to visit Gaza and West Bank to meet and speak to his followers. I feel a... more

If Israel is ever to be a democracy it should at least give the appearance of being a part of society. Instead the Netanyahu bunch is getting more and more into a tyranical near dictatorship. The daily arrests of children, shootings, demolitioans,... more

That would be an apt question in Palestinian politics. Most of the talk is coming from others rather than President Abbas. He seems to be in hiding or trying to get something concrete to give his country more stability and fire up Palestine for... more

The strength of Zionist Israel is due to our compliance! America does what Israel wants. American Congress gives full attention to all and every item needed to keep the regime of terror alive and punishing Palestinians for being. Why?... more

EDITORIAL: Palestinians have been stewed, screwed, and tattooed for 70 years. Why? I will try to fill you in with the facts. Murder by inches is out there by the thousands of testimonies by those that have lived it in Mother Palestine,... more

The ball is now in Abbas hands. He can piss it away, get his coalition together ready for a full assault in the media to gain empathy from the world and maybe US media which, so far, has stayed away like the plague. He could also foul... more

"Palestine problem" It is if you talk to panels in the US. If you go to any of the cable or broadcast news shows you will hardly ever see a Palestinian telling of the problems in the West Bank or the siege of Gaza. One big reason is they are not... more

President Abbas has had it! Try making peace with a pride of ravenous lions is about what it comes to with the trying to make peace with Zionist, segregated, Israel. Nothing has been accomplished in the nearly 9 months of "negotiations."... more

Kerry spoke about the "possiblity" of Israel becoming an apartheid state and "Poof" the settlements. Then he goes around grovelling that he didn't really mean it. Hell's bells, he just said what he already knew. I know even and I have... more

Zionism is racism, is segregation, is apartheid, is all over the world. But, more so in Israel. Israel is a brutal society that has no interest other than subjugation of its "lesser than" people. Palestinians, Arabs in general and especially black folks.... more
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