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Using proprietary algorithms to determine whats relevant to give you juicy celebrity gossip. Social media lull us into thinking we’re whispering to a friend, when in reality we’re shouting through a megaphone.

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Today's reading is called "Snapchat VS. Instagram (InstagramStories)" InstagramStories will be rolling out globally over the next few weeks on iOS and Android. I'm literally so torn between Instagram and Snapchat like which one do... more

"No more duck face! The 'wrist-grab' is the latest red carpet viral social media trend for men. The wrist grab is the new pose for celebrities like Justin Bieber, Kanye West and other A-listers. Haven't you noticed the male 'wrist grab' on red... more

Today's podcast is all about Web Design VS.Web Builders, plus music and much more here on BlogTalkRadio. There's a fine line between Web-design from scratch vs. do-it-yourself website builders. Website builders are mainly used by... more

Could 2016 be the year of death in Hollywood? The amount of celebrities who passed away this year is at an all-time high. Here's the thing about mocking people who express public grief over the death of a celebrity. Some folks... more

According to SocialNetworkTrends. "Those with cars now have immense power over those without, due to groundbreaking car sharing companies like TURO. I thought they weren't allowed to operate in Austin Texas anymore by law? What's... more

Today's reading is about "Government workers are also reading your comments, you should be afraid - very afraid of the government spying on you. Government warning: Reading the comments section is dangerous to your health. I love... more

Today's reading is about Social Media and the Church..."Why do people try and act super religious on social media when they go to church about once a year????? Now it's a viral social media trend. If your Church wants to engage... more

Happy Friday 13th. Have a nice day . Don't get lost or killed. Or crushed, or mashed. "This podcast will enlighten listeners about great places to visit this weekend. That feeling when it's Friday and you're excited. Feeling good, feeling... more

Today's reading is all about the dangerous trend online in which people make false bomb threats in an effort to go viral on social media. "Bomb threats are troubling and creates costly problems: Even a popular YouTube prankster was... more

"There's a great chance that driving while texting causes your cognitive abilities as well as your focus to be worse than if you were drunk. Everyone loves to call out drunk drivers, but let's all remember that texting while driving causes far more... more
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