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Join Dinar Daddy as he discusses the latest in world currency trends, critical wealth status change preparations, scams to be watchful of, sources of information worth utilizing, and more.

It's been some time since Dinar Daddy has really gone out there and shared what he personally believes and is looking for.  Known for his careful assessments and introspective thoughts, Dinar Daddy is sure to bring a "Tidbit" or two worth listening for.

Come listen in live if you have time.  If not, please know the show will be recorded for your convenient listening at another time.

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0:21 Dinar Daddy

Welcome everyone! This is Dinar Daddy coming to you live from Tidbits Radio. Good to be back. It has been a while and looking forward to being committed with this for some time going forward as it is clearer to me and so on. That it's time to get real information out there, real content and explaining what is happening and to address issues that are out there and so on. So looking forward to getting all of that information out there. So welcome to Tidbits Radio. Glad to be back. I will tell you a little bit about the show. The intent of Tidbits Radio is to share my personal take as the fictional character online known as Dinar Daddy, someone who has been following the proceedings of the world market, currency markets specifically and certainly the Iraqi Dinar for quite some time. I will be sharing my take and those of others that I speak with. I will be interviewing many, many types of personalities along the way. I am bringing back some of the oldies but goodies. I will be introducing new people with perspectives and takes on finance, on the world markets and so on. So as I bring them forward I'll share their take. It will be each take is an individual's personal opinion, so take it for what it's worth.

2:01 Dinar Daddy

I'll also be using this time to further explain articles that may be I have written in the week. A lot of times when you -- when I write something, many people come back with lots of questions about that or want further explanation, well, here is the forum to do that. I will be sharing a more enhance take so that there is no misunderstanding of what I have written. I will also be candidly policing the online in our world including dealers, dealing with controversial topics, addressing things that I believe to be at least concerned or erroneous rumors, you name it, all I will be sharing that. I'll use this time also if time from it's on each show to open it up to a live Q and A on those who have called in. I certainly give them an opportunity to where they can raise their hand and they ask a question and I will answer it live right on the show. The intent of my program is certainly not to come across within no at all or someone who has super secret sources and claim everybody should just listen to me, that's not my intent. People claiming that I would be concerned about the reality. Yes, I do have a lot of context but no, I don't always believe what they have to share with me and I don't always take what is shared with me as the final truth. I understand that that's their perspective and they may truly be connected, but that's only there from their perspective from where they are connected. So a lot of people that had come on in the past over the years have shared a lot of information only to be further beaten down by readers and listeners. In reality, that information may have been accurate but it was only coming from a single source and perspective in the whole ground scheme of things.

4:03 Dinar Daddy

So unless you're -- the powers that be I would say that not a lot of complete information and truth has been shared, just a lot of information that helps us put the pieces of the puzzle together. So I intend to come across hopefully as someone who can share information that will be beneficial to different people and so on. So my intent is find truth, call a spade a spade in certain situations and move on and as grown adults and as speculators, we all should understand that all we can do is collect information and nothing more, so. And I intend to use this time also to educate listeners on investment and investment types and so on, it's not -- I make no market in any of those types of things. My intent is to simply help other people and inform others on various topics from trust to any type of investment that's out there to things you can do, watch your money, should there be a lot of money that's coming to and so on. Basically, to use it as a time for preparation as well as anything else, so that's the intent of the show is to cover all of those topics in that years and ways and scenarios and sources and so on. So, I am very much looking forward to that and a little bit about today's show, I am -- it's pretty much going to be a monolog and I apologize for that. But there is so much information out there that I just want to make sure like get it all out there in this first show so there were no -- to no one to expect going forward. As well as to obviously take or share my immediate personal take on what things are going on right now, review some of the latest topics that have come up as of late in the news and so on as well as to explain my -- further my takes on my posts of this past week.

6:05 Dinar Daddy

As anybody who has been following me knows I have been very active this week sharing a lot of information and capture result of restarting several of my programs and that's only going to continue. So going forward this will be -- some of this would be the norm but for now because I have so much content to cover my intention is to simply address all of that -- most of that today. So anyway, I'm very excited to be here. No question, there is a lot going on in the Dinar world. I want you to know that you will never hear a slap from me. I am never going to come out and claim that the sky is falling or that the RV has taken place unless it really has. And by then probably everybody will know it anyway. And I'll get that information should probably my semester or whatsoever. So the intent is to simply see what's going on, find the truth and move forwards. So a few announcements before I get started and some of this is old news, but I'm going to go through it all because I have been out of touch with everybody for so long other than true of you intermittent posts here and there up until this past week. Tidbits Radio will be airing every week. I will decide on a day and time that I will announce online and I will announce again next week on the next Tidbits Radio. That will be consistent every week. It may be during the middle of the day because it's the easiest for me. Kids are at school. Everything is quiet and I have an opportunity to focus on just this. I apologize to those who are at work. It's no big deal. It is recording as I speak and available 24/7 on blogtalkradio.com/dinardaddy.

8:05 Dinar Daddy

So you can go there and listen to it whenever you wish, okay, or download it into a podcast and listen to at your leisure. So just be aware of that and it will always be available there it is my radio station online and that's where you can expect it so. I plan on it being every week. We'll get online and we'll go to address hopefully it will become fairly normal for most people and we'll just kind of build it up over time. Secondly, I announced this week and sent out my The Weekly Tidbit, my weekly publication newsletter. I am happy to have that back. It should have a cluster of information of good content every week. Its intent is to share information about the Dinar but also shared information around the periphery of the Dinar. What do I mean by that? I mean the information that affects every speculator, should the RV happen, what do you need to be prepared for? Everything from IRA discussions, to trust, to other investment types, all these things the whole intent is to create a whirlwind of information that will help everybody be aware of all their options and that's the intent of The Weekly Tidbit is to share, is to educate every week, some of those -- some weeks there maybe six or seven articles, other weeks or maybe two or three. The intent though is that I will always post an article and share a take on there as well as give three or four other takes from other meetings, other suppliers of information or those who wish to share a content that they feel would be valuable to readers. As far as The Weekly Tidbit you can access it all the time online by going to theweeklytidbit.com fairly simple and/or you can also have it email directly to you, to your inbox.

10:07 Dinar Daddy

How do you get an email directly to you? If you go to Dinar Daddy's Tidbits or theiraqidinar.com at the bottom of the page -- bottom right, there is a small banner that says The Weekly Tidbits. Simply click on it, fill up the information and the subsequent pages and you can sign up to receive that same content in the same look and feel in format and form as the online page. So you can have it directly in your -- delivered to your inbox weekly as well. So usually I like to get The Weekly Tidbit out at least first part of the week typically on Tuesdays, so that's something that will be going out every week and you can expect it. So I'm looking forward to continuing that labor of love and service that way. A couple of other website announcements, the resources directory is complete. It's significant and it doesn't seem like a lot but if you go to the top of the page and click on resources, it takes you to a search screen where you can filter by whatever you are looking for and it will then take you to the links that you are looking for. So I just want you to be aware that that is available. It's a search engine now beyond and allows you to get whatever information you want quickly. Same saying with the archive section that's been up for a while allows you to search by date or by date range and so on. Significant improvements to the new website from the old website to be able to have a search engine made available to you to be able to do which you're doing and to get to it quickly. Also, SMS text notification that still is available.

12:00 Dinar Daddy

It is free simply from your cell phone text the number 69302. That's all you need to do. That is the whole number. It's not a wrong number. It is simply an SMS service number that you would text from your phone, especially the number you would text 69302 and I offered two text services. One is a RV info service which really is a one time text unless I send out a -- every now and again I'll send out a service text in fact that I sent one out yesterday morning as a service text. It has a couple of announcements. The reason why is that if I'm going to send out a text to so many people, in this case it cost me over 16,000 credits, what that means is that it cost me about $600 to send out. And so for me to do that, I'm going to throw something out there that would be of benefit or at least kill two versus one or stone by getting some additional information out. It is not intended as a solicitation tool, it's a one time text service only. But occasionally if I do send something out, it will only be for the purpose of helping you check yourself and to verify, "Okay, I got this text message from Dinar Daddy, I'm good to go. I'm still locked in. My number is great. My cell service is great. Let's move on." So, text the word RV INFO to 69302 if you want that service. Same number only different service is DD INFO to 69302 and that will be a once a month or maybe twice a month in some cases service where I will send out different information that's more specific from me. It maybe my take one day, it may be an announcement of another day. It's kind of random. But if you want access to that and be a little bit more in touch with me from that perspective you can text DD INFO to 69302.

14:03 Dinar Daddy

Page service, SMS text service subscribers, thank you for your support and your trust in me over the past several years. I opened it up as being free about six months ago. The reason why I did that is because I wanted more people to have access to this service that either didn't know about it or couldn't afford it or in their minds didn't feel like it was worthwhile. Well, this service is invaluable at the appropriate time and I wanted to make sure that it is available for everybody. So please, just know that I'm very grateful. You did help built the website as a result that was the turning point of Dinar Daddy's Tidbits that helps things turn around, so thank you very much on that. Also everyone, comments are now available and can be accessed on Dinar Daddy. I noticed several -- it's starting to pick up slowly but please know that you can comment on any post you wish. I don't care what you say you know, obviously crude rude comments would be very discouraged and very disappointing to see by anybody's standards so I would appreciate staying away from that. But I'm not threatened by someone making a comment that's negative you know, it's someone's opinion and whatever. They are necessarily widely viewable within the context of the site but you can click on a link and from there you can see all the comments, so just be aware that they are there. You can access comments just look at the bottom of the post of any of the posts on site or in these articles. You will be able to see that some of your fellow readers may have a comment to take or whatever. I put it up there to add a spirit of free speech but also a spirit of maybe creating more collaboration and sharing more. A couple of other things and I have mentioned this multiple times but Investor Tidbits.

16:05 Dinar Daddy

This is truly a labor of love. It's my, it's my other website that I created for the intent of educating people about all investment, all investment types, all investment resources and methods and means and capabilities is live and you can go to investortidbits.com. I highly recommend that you go and take a look at it. It's very, very powerful website, very unique for its kind. You will not be able to find anything out there on the web, like it and it's a great resource to get that any of the top investment resources of any investment type in the country, actually in the world for that matters. Some of which were taken from Forbes 100 and so on. Very worthwhile and go check out, that's investortidbits.com. Same thing, I made an announcement several months ago. I've not really pushed it much on this site at all. Virtual Land Grab has been launched. This is my personal company. It is a company to help people launch their businesses either web or to expand their businesses from just being brick and mortar to actually being able to have a presence on the web and to be noticed and to make money through the web. That is launched. I highly recommend anybody interested in expanding their business or starting a new business or making money online, you name it. Go to virtuallandgrab.com, you could read more about it. Send an email or inquiry, I will be happy to answer any questions you may have and work with you directly if you want and teach you what I know. And then finally, this is a big one that will impact all of you. It is more critical, Dinar day's tidbits. As you know, the layout has happened. There is a new website that has been launched. Lots of adjustments have been made with it. There will be continued changes that will improve.

18:02 Dinar Daddy

I highly recommend or encourage anybody who has their recommendation of what can be improved upon from the site or maybe you like from the old site or that you feel would better enhance the service I offer on Dinar Daddy. Feel free to email me at dinardaddy@gmail.com. I am very open to any recommendations. Just so that you know, I am going to be adding a chat room to one section of the website that will be available for anybody to access 24/7 to collaborate and share information. I do this because I want to create a spirit of community and sharing amongst others. I will be on there intermittently. I cannot say I will be at there all the time. That's not the intent. The intent is to put you in touch with each other and for me to be a facilitator of that process. Because you cannot be on access to that ring, just do not go to it and we will only be one small section of Dinar Daddy's Tidbits yet away from the standard information referencing part of the website. So that will be coming in the coming months and I look forward to bringing that along with some other adjustments that you probably will notice here within the next few days or week that will improve the site that will be -- I have already received feedback on that should help. So before I make you __19:29__ now on to the reason why we have this show, I apologize for the long lengthy announcements. It won't be like that in the future. I just needed to get all of that out there so that you could be aware of all the things I am involved and obviously, I am a very busy guy doing a whole bunch of things that facilitate everybody's following of the Dinar and other related foreign and exotic currencies around the world that are related to obviously to the significant change that we definitely see going on in the world.

20:02 Dinar Daddy

So let's start with my immediate personal take and my immediate personal take is actually driven by an abundance of new news articles that has come out where the CBI is being instructed by the government of Iraq to increase the value of their currency that pertains to the dollar. Now, it is interesting because there is translation going on here in some of these articles. There are all a little bit different. But the most recent -- one of the most recent article talks about the dollar being devalued to that of -- or being dropped down closer to or even below the value of the dinar. I wanted to give you my take. I put up a post just today because I wanted there to be a reference point for people when I talk about this on the show today. The name of my post is called "RV" By Any Other Name... Is STILL a "Currency Revaluation" and you could put under the tidbit section and find my tidbit there and read about it. Here is the fence that I get from Iraq. With the removal of Shabibi, it's interesting. It may have where I initially thought of it was a negative. It actually may have been a positive, but it appears that there was some stalling going on and I don't get that sense from these news articles now. They're ready to do something and the sense that I get is twofold. When a country talk especially Iraq, it's a very prideful country and very proud of their traditions and don't want to feel like they are controlled by anybody, especially the United States. When you speak of their currency, that's how we speak of bringing the Iraqi dinar up. There are a lot of times that you will read articles they're actually speaking about bringing the dollar down. Well, this is kind of twofold. One, it is a nationalistic common.

22:02 Dinar Daddy

It's basically saying we are now overcoming the dollar, we are dominating the United States. It is a pull, it is a PR tactic within the government to be able to say that there is a propaganda move to say something like that to the citizens that you give this sense of power and sovereignty and so on, so that's number one. Number two, Iraq has a major problem with US dollars. They are rampant throughout Iraq and nobody wants dinar especially what they referred to as the "Bremer dinar". They want -- that is the new Iraqi dinar. They call it the Bremer dinar within Iraq. They do that because they do not like what it symbolizes which is domination of the US and so a lot of people in Iraq or most of people use dollars now and it is in that case for sometime and had been quite a problem. Well, here is the scenario where they are saying -- so doing their saying, we are bringing the value of the dollar down. What does that do? It changes the behavior of people. There are more leary of the dollar, why? Because they are worried that the value -- that they will not get the full value for what they are buying when they are using the dollar. It impacts usage and so it pushes them towards a behavior of utilizing dinar instead of dollar. Real simple -- they just buy out of fear alone and out of concern and speculation. They are able to drive a behavior which is the ultimate goal so they can then have more control over the currency until Iraq can show, improve through its citizens, usage that is using dinar instead of dollar. It is hard to revalue something that's not really widely used, not even within the own country.

24:02 Dinar Daddy

So it's a propaganda for you and it's something that is real. Now, will this impact the timing of the revaluation? If it works and so on, it could. If it doesn't been a revalue anyway, the point being is that they are trying to drive behavior and it's something that should impact our interest which is a passive interest in the currency of Iraq. So I hope that explains a little bit. There are several things to consider when thinking through what that means, but just understand that at the end of the day no matter what they say, they are going to increase the value of the dinar or drop the value of the US dollars that pertains to the dinar it's the same thing. It's just propaganda or spinning or whatever you want to call it or a matter of thing or it could just be lost in translation. You can interpret it or say it however you wish. The end goal though is obviously, seems very positive to me and I'm excited about it because it's the first time that I've seen where the government has been a little bit more aggressive in claiming that the central bank now can do with the dinar, the value of the dinar or what it wishes. So there's that whatever they want to call it, ousting of Shabibi, moving their own guy in, it seems that there is a serious possibility to increase it. So that's my exciting personal take at the moment. As far as my review of my week's post, a lot of explaining to go on here. So I will start with dinars on reserves. I have been eyeing on this topic for a long time.

25:58 Dinar Daddy

In fact, they have even made an announcement in previous tidbits radio that I would be dedicating an entire program to talking about these programs. After a considerable time thinking it through, I did not want to come across. There is someone who was on a witch hunt to come after a certain dealers or name, dealers and so on. Everybody is intuitive enough to know who is taking advantage of this type of a program and who hasn't so I'm not going to get into it that way, but I will explain the programs and the origination of the programs and how they started and so on to help everybody be able to make their own decisions. It is simple as this. The dinars on reserve program was created by all the dinar trade a long time ago. The intent for that was to give people who were stuck in last liquid investments, the time they needed to liquidate those assets he would be able to then purchase their interest in the currency of Iraq, the dinar. That was the initial intent of the program. Shortly thereafter, I reported on this program and the dinar community caught wind of the program and saw that it is an opportunity to basically leverage a dinar dealer's money for 30 days so they are promised to make good on investment for 30 days without having to put much down. So someone who was initially allowed to put 10% down on their order and if they didn't follow through with their order, then they lost 10% down.

27:57 Dinar Daddy

It is simple as that. Well, tens of millions of dollars were lost by tens of thousands of people collectively following this type of a program, why? Because most of the people entering into the contract did not intend on coming up with the remaining 90%. The whole point of Dinar as it is on a program was that within 30 days, it will come up with the balance. If they defaulted on that 30-day window, they would lose the 10%. That was the whole contract. Well, what happened is people use this and they like, well I just put 10% down for an entire year for take it and I would still make money in the long run. That was the justification of speculators. Well, it just got of out of control and everybody was doing it and lost significant money. Myself even lost some when I heard from one of my high up sources that I knew what was going on and of course, him taking into account that there actually were other political forces involved it who are standing opposed to the timing of the event. Anyway, going back to the nurse on reserve program. The was the intent of the program initially was to give leeway to those who -- liquid investments to be able to lock in a raid on a certain date, give them a time value on that and then if at the end of the 30 days they came up they just lost their money and that became rampant and there are still programs out there like this today offered by certain dealers.

29:51 Dinar Daddy

I have a very strong feelings I can stop program because too many people lost money, too many people have been hurt, there has been absolute loss and 100% loss of people's money. Like I said, in my news letter I know a gentleman who lost over $400,000 because they put 400 million dinar down as a 10% down payment because they were connected politically and nearly it was going to happen and then it didn't. So that gives you an idea, I know another gentleman who ex-military had 30 somewhat million dinar and that is all they have. Their entire basic life savings was in dinar and was now retired. Well, this gentleman lost all of that. Their countless stories of people devastated losing their entire life savings because of these program reserves, this dinar reserves programs that are out there. So I don't have respect for the program at all and all function or saying the people that off to that program or I'll just say that programs that are offered like that, I do not respect them. However, many of you know that I have worked with big company for some time Treasury evolved and have a great opportunity to influence them in their decisions in the way they move forward. Well, there's - Treasury evolved introduced the program called security reserve program where they gave full value for the 10% down or somebody can come up with the remaining 90%. They still got for 10%. In fact, they ship out the 10% immediately. They will make them like 30 days.

31:41 Dinar Daddy

So there are programs out there that are significantly better for those who wished to get into this kind of a program where they get the time value and they get a rate lot but they don't lose their money. That's where things become illegal. It is when people start losing money. That's when fraud starts being claim as were. Dinar starts getting a bad name and so on, it's where dealers are making money and nobody else is. Well, as long as people maintaining their value that's where it comes. There are new programs that have popped up recently like roll over programs were basically they say listen do the Dinars-on-Reserve Program we'll give you 100% value or guaranteed value for what you put down, but we will ship it to you for 30 days. In fact, in 30 days, we still won't ship it to you if you want to roll it over. You just keep sending us money each month. The difference between the buy and sell so that spread the trick getting it's like a virtual slop. Every month, you are just swapping it and you are maintaining it and basically letting the deal off the hook not happy to send tend you any currency, has been picked up by a few dealers. Again, it's more money being paid by investors and speculators where they are receiving nothing for it. There is a perception of receiving because there is a contract that states you own that and you can get it, but by rolling over, you are then thereby releasing them from having to ship it to you. They are continuing to just hold your currency for you that but in an odd way where you are continuing to pay them more. You are paying them to hold you your money for you. They are just bazaar programs like that that I do not completely understand and especially in a currency like this where it so unpredictable and confusing and speculative why would anybody in the world continue to throw out good money after that. There are some layaway programs. Now, the new buzz worth was layaway. Layaway is the same program as Dinars-on-Reserve.

34:00 Dinar Daddy

A little bit difference depends on the company, but they're using that term is that a reserve because reserve start to get a bad name. I understand there are companies out there that offer true layaway. Basically, they allow you to finance your investment over up to as much like six or seven months that a Dinar in cash some kind of program like that, so just making you aware of what is out there. My personal take and opinion bias against these programs is don't get involved and then met all if you are going to lose even one penny, just don't do it, there is no reason to. Get full value for your program and stay away from those programs that continue to take money from you as easy as that, nothing else to say other than that and so on. So it is far as the Dinars-on-Reserve Program as it pertains to other options I would be careful, okay? These are basically options programs that are even sold on eBay and so on that give you a time value and again give you nothing. So remember whatever you put into something especially something is unpredictable as this. I do want to get the most guarantees that I possibly gift for myself and the way you did that is by providing yourself programs that guarantee the money. Now, understand that this reserved program is one big giant flaw on all of them, 100% of all of them. You are counting on aside from -- even the full value, you are counting on that these companies are going to follow through should the dinar revalue and increase in value that they're actually going to follow through and give you what they promise should they give you.

35:57 Dinar Daddy

Well, if they are sitting on billions of Dinar and the revaluation occurs and they owe even tenths of billions of dinar back to the public, it's just a real sketchy proposition that they will even follow through especially several of these dealers already have relationships in other countries, who used to say that these dealers won't skip the country. I mean these are real issues. Now, I'm not claiming anyone will. I am not saying that. I am saying it is -- you are not a true speculator that has considered all possibilities if you do not consider the possibility that you could have a contract with a dealer, with that dealers are never planning on following through with that contract and by time you have actually -- have waited long enough to get your contract, they have had more than enough time to skip the country before any legal proceeding may have occurred, so just making you aware of those things. If you are going to go that route, go fully secured and get your currency right away otherwise there is nothing wrong with just living within your means and require thing that which you can afford to lose and nothing more and do not let greed control your decisions in that regard. So, tough words, things to talk about, but there is things that needed to be said. They needed to be said for a long time, too many speculators for too long have been hurt and it's important that we hold and check that which is out there so that is that. On to my next big post for the week, but I just put it up yesterday, the best and the worse and funniest of 2012.

37:57 Dinar Daddy

I am just going to go over those real quick and explained a few things on them. Top Dinar following website, who else would it be other than Dinar Daddy right, so directdinar.com. I word myself that a word, head on the back for Dinar Daddy, it's the most show ever gift for me about myself. Most entertaining rumors spreading guru, really. There has been to in the history of time following the dinar that had been unapologetically and brutally over the top and all of their claims and their wording of things and TerryK went to the cake this year. Congratulations, 2012 he is come on strong, yet again talking about ridiculous rates claiming every weekend is the weekend and so on. Congratulations. I used to get really upset to TerryK because I did not understand why he would continually do it. Now, he just entertains me. It is where he was the originator and the inspiration behind my juicy section of Dinar Daddy Exhibits. So they reign supreme in that area so my other one was -- my other consideration was okay, but I think he stopped posting or stopped being as voracious he was, but TerryK is the winner of the top most entertaining rumor spreading guru. Most honest and sincere, Bond Lady, I love the way she comes across, I love the way she is no nonsense. Sometimes she gets a little bit too -- take things a little too personally and I hope that she can relax a little bit that way, but she is always within the rights to feel that way.

39:57 Dinar Daddy

Because a lot of people either say horrible things about her or they try to copy. Just this past week there was some stuff going on where she was being -- somebody was using her username over at another website and that really concern her and hopefully are post on. Dinar Daddy were able to correct that, but anyway, thank you Bond Lady for following Dinar and tracking down this and so on. I really appreciate it. I must skip a couple here, top personal moment, I show some pictures of my son. I think he is very cute, I love him to death. Top asset protection, estate planning, tax savings attorney. I just named my attorney. He is fantastic, Paul Lydolph III. He is absolutely incredible. If you have any questions relating to asset protection and tax planning, tax savings, estate planning, all that questions, international taxation law recommendations, current few regulations review, IRS stuff. I mean -- I have used him for so many things personally that I just finally decided to past him of a bone by letting everybody know how amazing he is. He is worth contacting. He ran his own firm, Lydolph and __41.34__. You can e-mail him at paullydolph@yahoo.com or you can call him at 801 602 8378 that is actually his cell number but it's -- in the market for any of those things or want to start preparing yourself in that direction to give your estate set up.

41:57 Dinar Daddy

And set yourself out to protect your assets should any significant moment happens, he is a great resource to have. He has assisted people in all 50 states though it is not a local problem for him. He has been all over the country. I will not give into the other stuff. I guess my biggest disappointment here is the dinar didn't revalue and my greatest thing I'm looking forward to is a revaluation of the dinar. How's that? Plain. Simple. Easy. I'm very, very excited about the prospects of the speculation that we are interested in. I want everybody to know that I'm very excited. I wouldn't have become this online persona and continue to put so much exhaust and effort behind it if I didn't believe in this as a true speculation opportunity for people. I do believe in it contrary to many negative comments and unfounded comments about me while I have been absent or interpretations of posts that I have made in the past. I just want you all to know that there is not a bigger believer and it comes by good source, but I'm very careful to share too much because I do not want to come across to someone who is pumping, someone who has an agenda beyond getting information out there for people to act on their own considering their own situations and making their own choices. I just want to do it. I won't be held accountable for it. I'm very careful in how I come across because I want people to be personally accountable. I want people to take ownership of themselves, their decisions and what they know and look forward.

43:59 Dinar Daddy

All I can do is present ideas and information and that is the intent of Dinar Daddy's Tidbits. So please know that I'm absolutely ecstatic to be back, know that I truly believe in this investment and I look forward to a great 2013. There is a lot of exciting news going on right now and I believe Iraq is primed to make a move. They've got a lot of issues. Hopefully, they can get it done. We cannot -- I want to make this point too. We cannot blame the reasons Iraq has not revalued on anything outside of Iraq, we cannot even blame it on the United States government or on conspiracy or questions about our president and agenda, democrat and whatever. I have heard all those things and I heard it from global sources, but I want you to know this, that if Iraq was a strong enough country to handle the type of wealth that we are talking about and then have talked about for years. They've got to be strong enough to do it on their own otherwise, are they truly deserving of that wealth and the answer is no. Otherwise, we're just holding to the idea that everything is a conspiracy and that really nothings of true value. It's all -- this created value by the powers that the enough melts matters. Well, we've got to believe that Iraq has true value, but they have to be a country strong enough to hold it. There is biblical prophecy that talks of the wealth of Iraq and that there are great leaders and kings of the earth will flock into Iraq knowing that they flock on to twice, not Baghdad -- skip in me.

45:59 Dinar Daddy

Anyway, I apologize for my loss of biblical knowledge briefly, but they are the land that there will be flock to according to biblical prophecy. If you believe in that, I personally do but I don't want to impose my belief on other people. If you do believe in that, you need to know that the worse timing is not our timing and that anything can happen and that may take years to develop and has taken years to develop and we should not be so short sided that it's going to happen in a day, or a week, or a year or in a decade. Understand that things will evolve, the trust, the speculation, I believe is not misdirected or misfounded. It is simply a matter of patients through this process and we can't get caught up in the details. We're just going to use the details to help us put to into together, so that's my recap, my take. I'm excited. I thank you so much for listening. I look forward to many, many, many more Tidbits Radio conversations and open it up to Q and A and to bringing on interesting guest and so on but I wanted to use this opportunity to just let you all hear what I have to say my take and so on so with that said, I wish you all a very wonderful weekend and as you know, go Dinar.