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Dimensions of Quantum

Dimensions of Quantum


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On Tuesday, October 12, we get to experience Brother Garth Abaka Harvey on Dimensional Healing Internet Radio. Brother Garth is a DNA relationship specialist who has been involved in the performance of over 5,000 different DNA relationship tests, helping people all over the world confirm relationships. From the scientific perspective, DNA is contained in each and every cell of the body in the nucleus and mitochondria of the cell. Nuclear dna contains the chromosomes which divide when the cell is dividing, thus passing on the genetic code of one cell to another. With DNA we can determine the current evolution of various species. It has recently been determined through DNA evidence, for example, that the Neanderthals, once thought to be an offshoot or another branch of the human genome, are actually a mutation related genetically to the Eurasian (which became the European and the Asian) but not related to the African genome which was much more ancient. But more than that, DNA is a very emotional subject and important to many of us. With DNA we can confirm biological relationships between parents and children, siblings, long-lost relatives, etc. DNA evidence is used in the determination of the guilt or innocence of a person in the commission of a crime. DNA evidence has freed individuals long inarcerated for crimes they apparently didn't commit. DNA evidence can damn a person or free them. What happens if DNA evidence is planted or tampered with to “frame” a person for a crime they didn't commit? How could they prove their innocence?. So it is obvious that DNA is more than just science. Brother Garth is giving us an in-depth look into how DNA affects the nutrition of the cells. At Dimensional Healing we focus on the cell and how it relates to healing. We can't have healthy cells without DNA. It is the DNA of the cells that are responsible for the formation of daughter cells. Don't miss this powerful program!