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Allyson Klein (Intel) and Reuven Cohen (Enomaly) talk technology. Why Digital Nibbles? We’re providing listeners with bites (or is that bytes?) of technology info. Every other week we’ll be diving into cloud computing and data center topics our audience is curious about, including big data, dev ops, mobile enterprise apps, and storage.

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We have a couple of visionaries on the show this week. First up, Shlomo Swidler (CEO, Orchestratus, @ShlomoSwidler) stops by to talk about his work in cloud computing. He's been at the forefront of the industry since launching the first... more

First up in this week's show, Judith Hurwitz (@jhurwitz), president and CEO or Hurwitz and Associates, stops by to talk about her book line: Cloud Computing for Dummies, Hybrid Cloud for Dummies and the new Big Data for Dummies. She... more

We've got a couple of interiewees talking tech start ups this week. First, Simon Crosby (@simoncrosby), co-founder and CTO of Bromium, stops by the show to talk about security on mobile devices, specifically using... more

Reuven's hosting solo again, as Allyson is out with a cold. He breaks with tradition and brings on this week's guests together for a wide-ranging discussion on the role of IT in the enterprise. Bart Copeland (@bart_copeland), CEO and... more

Reuven is hosting solo this week, as Allyson is in San Francisco at the Intel® AtomTM processor C-2000 series launch. He guides listeners through a couple of fascinating interviews – first up is Rajeev Chawla, the CEO and... more

Randy Bias, the co-founder and CEO of Cloudscaling, is our guest this week. Cloud scaling is a provider of Infrastructure as a service, for enterprises who want to connect their OpenStack* deployments to Amazon Web Services * or... more

After a short hiatus, DNP is back on the air with an episode all about rapidly-growing start ups in the private and public cloud space. First up, Joshua McKenty (@jmckenty), co-founder and CTO of Piston Cloud Computing (and... more

First up in this week's Digital Nibbles is Jason Hoffman (@jasonh), the CTO and Founder of Joyent, who talks about Joyent's new product offering, Joyent Manta, which combines compute and storage (i.e. natively running compute instances... more

Allyson and Reuven are live from the patio of GigaOM's Structure event with a great lineup: Sameer Dholakia (@spdholakia), Group VP & GM - Cloud Platforms, Citrix; Jim Blair (@OpenStack), Principal Infrastructure Software Developer,... more

Allyson and Reuven chat with Das Kamhout (Intel, @dkamhout), Paul Miller (Cloud of Data, @PaulMiller), and Ben Kepes (Diversity Ltd., @benkepes). The group was live on stage at the Open Data Center Alliance's Forecast 2013... more