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Things They Are A Changin'...And Will Change Even More: IPCC Warnings on Warming

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The Dave Dickey Show

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As everyone remains transfixed by the news of the day; be it the missing Malaysian airplane, Putin’s annexation of Crimea, the final day of Obamacare enrollment, or Chris Christie’s being exoneration from having personally shut down the GWM bridge, the world on which we depend continues to change in response to the ways we use it, unaware of any day to day topics its human inhabitants are currently thinking about. The way in which we humans acquire massive amounts of ancient stored energy to power our increasingly sophisticated, modern world ultimately produces gradual detrimental changes to the world in which we live. While this may be a long term problem that is too conceptual for most to care about or grasp the magnitude of, in the long term it is more important to the future prosperity of our species than any short term subject involving healthcare, territorial grabs, or anything else. Today, although it will go completely undetected by most, a vital portion of a crucial report was relapsed to the public pertaining to the one subject anywhere in the news today that will still matter 100, 500, 1,000 years from now. This under the radar news is the release of working section II of the IPCC’s fifth assessment report on climate change. Today, we will talk about what the IPCC is, what this report and this particular section of it is. Beyond that, we will be looking at a most basic, fourth grade level synthesis of what the surface level science of this all is, and what that means on a most basic level for our human future.