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Yesterday, nineteen innocent victims were directly impacted by the horrific shooting at the Fort Hood military base in Texas, with countless other friends and family members of those victims being indirectly affected. Thus far three have... more

The 2010 Citizens United case stands as a historical landmark for wealthy infuelence in the democratic process. Yet, for all the bad such has done to corrupt our system, things can and seemingly will get even worse. Today, a big... more

Throughout the Bush years a dilema between national security and human dignity came to the forefront with the torture (ahem, I mean "enhanced interrogation") issue. Yet, a Senate Intelligence Committee report now seems to suggest... more

As everyone remains transfixed by the news of the day; be it the missing Malaysian airplane, Putin's annexation of Crimea, the final day of Obamacare enrollment, or Chris Christie's being exoneration from having personally shut... more

As the blockbuster "Noah" debuted in theaters across the country these past few weeks, a hysterical outcry from angry Christian fundamentalists and militiant atheists alike has ensued. The polarization of people into distrusted and... more

The gap between the American budget and the price of healthcare has long left a significant portion of the nation without health insurance coverage. For decades, dating back to the days off Harry Truman, politicians bantered about the hope of... more

Today we discuss the subliminal and implicit messaging found in a Tea Party campaign ad from Alabama, and the broader importance of understanding what exactly it is we are witnessing. At the heart of the discussion we look at the... more

With the landmark healthcare reform legislation of 2009 came the contaceptive mandate. Ever since, religious groups and business owners have protested against the mandate, with the claim that it violates their religious liberty. In this... more