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No holds barred Political commentary from the FAR Left with Diane Gee from Wildwildleft.com

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So many topics tonight, all indicative of the innate feelings of superiority both the corporate and military hold against our citizenry. The polls say we want health care and no war, but the PTB have different plans for us they will impose.... more

Our conversation continues from last week, expanding on the already collapsed Empire of the United States and our options for facing the fallout of that fact. We are going to talk about the basic break with reality that is pervasive in the... more

Join WWL cohosts Diane Gee and Michael Gottlieb tonight on BTR. Tonight we will be discussing the overview of the shapes of things to come, under the guises of changes or non-changes in our current events. Which is Noble, War... more

Join WWL cohosts Diane Gee and Michael Gottlieb tonight as we ponder this new administration's seeming lockstep with the worst of Cheney's policies: Saber rattling Iran, as was done with Iraq, in blatantly lies to cover expansionism of... more

Join Gottlieb and I as we enter the murky waters of Foreign Policy, navigated by Cmdr Jeff Huber. In the aftermath of the UN speeches, and as G20 unfolds, we will interview Jeff and get his straight talk on what our Military is really... more

Join Michael Gottlieb and I for tonight's discussion of the racism and religinazism inherent in the teabagger astroturf movement created by Glenn Beck and the new Civil War they are trying to foment. We will also be talking about Obama toeing... more

Join us tonight for Ed's last full-time night until his health recovers to fighting form again. We will be discussing President Obama's Speech, and its questionable implications for health care reform. We will also cover my own foray into the... more

Tonight we discuss the demonization and double standards the Right employs against the Left, and especially the LGBT citizens of this country. We will be speaking to a representative of QueersAgainstObama and defending Ariel... more

We will be giving our opinions tonight about Obama's biggest disappointing moves: Health Care, War escalation, Torture, The Economy... all Bushesque policies he continues. It shall surely be a scather.

Of Free Speech and Fascism: A Trifecta of tests: Deathers, Hal Turner, and the rising rhetoric and armed anger that breeds Civil War. Party identity means nothing, our rights are being taken on both sides. Join our Wildly Left crew to... more