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Diane G

The Wild Wild Left


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No holds barred Political commentary from the FAR Left with Diane Gee from Wildwildleft.com

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This week we are honored to again host our returning Special Guest Cmdr Jeff Huber, author of "Bathtub Generals," columnist for Antiwar.com and his own blog, Pen and Sword, as well as a frequent essayist on yours truly, WWL. Jeff will be... more

This week totally highlights the symbiotic suckfest between the face of Big Business, the Government, and its "tool," The Corporation. BP will go unpunished. Their private army of Talon Security has proven that a foreign company can... more

Domestic Issues: Racism, Immigration, Jobs, Foreclosures and the Prevailing of the Corporate and Fascist-Rightists in the Primaries. "The nexus of Corporations and Government in a conspiracy of information management to... more

The dearth of reporting on the" Massacre in the Mediterranean" is underwhelming nearly everywhere... but not on WWL! We will provide updated information as it comes in on both the attack on the Freedom Flotilla, and the progress of the... more

Tonight we tackle the Crude of Countries at War as the Korean Peninsula heats up to Popcorn! Time with the urging of our warmongering Secretary of State. And the Cruder ramblings of right-wing brown-shirt nutjobs in service to the... more

The Senate gives us a Permaform, rather than reform bill, making economic apartheid permanent. The color/apartheid movement in America is strong, despite the Elite's grab, and Mexican is the new Nigger of us all. The PTB lie to us... more

Tonight we will be discussing the continuing escalation and prolonging of the theatres of war in Iraq and Afghanistan. We address Seymour Hersch's revelation about the battlefield executions done by our soldiers. The oil spill, rather than... more

Wow, are you afraid? You should be. Not of an ADD students wayward bookbag, but heck, the Fed is still being given run amok and wreak destruction upon us, Iran is now the voice of disarmament reason, while Israel hoards its nukes, and... more

From the latest mine collapse, to the eco-disaster unfolding in the Gulf. As we report both of these serious events, we have to ask: The lives of humans, or the life of the Planet itself; is that the price of profit? Then there is the horrific overt... more

When Massa fondled men in his office, they covered it up (did he make them say "Thank you, Massa!" ??) but yikes, let him dip his tip in their money? It is TABOO! It seems the Securities and Exchange Commission was more interested in... more