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Wild Wild Left Radio #195 Edward Snowden-Our Unifying Moment

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Diane G

Diane G


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Spying is nothing new, it pre-dates Bush's overt expansion of it... heck it predates the US to the very first societies of humankind.  However, the present Security State with the technology of computer tracking, used on a Nation's own citizenry is unprecedented.  Some hoped to rein it in under President Obama, going by the words of Candidate Obama, to no avail. Yet across both sides of the aisle, our Bill Of Rights has been systematically shredded and the Police State encased as law.

Enter Edward Snowden. Unlike Assange who USer's could doubt as a "foreigner" or Bradley Manning who triggers the right's Soldier-code impulse, Ed could not be a worse (for them) or better (for us) unifying symbol of how our Government treats us as the enemy. I support all truth tellers and whistleblowers, but Ed may be our game changer.

The far-right and the far-left have always objected to the abuse of their powers, yet this young, good looking, honest and articulate young man speaks to the middle in terms they can understand.  Sure, the character assassination is on - but the scope and breadth of the surveillance state is now front and center in our National dialogue. Snowden is likeable, one of us - and people are listening!

Greenwald and Snowden have become unlikely heroes, a high hard ridge of fast moving truth whipping across our land, that may become a tsunami that washes away the lies from Washington and leaves the air clean and shining in the light of a new day.