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No holds barred Political commentary from the FAR Left with Diane Gee from Wildwildleft.com

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Notice any pattern lately? Things are getting strange in the homeland, and stranger yet abroad. Unrest is everywhere, and the move for the kill is in! Its World War E©; only not from PlayStation™ but still rated rated E for... more

Political Commentary by Diane Gee of the wildwildleft.com

Beware the propaganda machine. While some on the right are blatantly saying and doing truly toxic things, its as much a cover for the actions of the truly toxic left. We may as well be talking about an athlete who spoke like he was full of... more

Tonight I am honored to bring you Robin Ladue, whose book "Totems of September" I recently enjoyed thoroughly. Painting with threads of different families lives, she uses the loom of 9/11 to intertwine and tell a broader story of... more

Tonight, I am honored to be interviewing Lori Price, founder and goddess of Citizens for Legitimate Government (CLG) the go-to news source for all people Left-leaning. Founded in 2000 to fight the 1st coup d' etat by the Bushites, it is... more

Tonight my dear friend and dedicated activist Cindy Sheehan joins me, to talk about her 7th book! I Left My Marbles in San Francisco: The Scandal of Federal Electoral Politricks is a great read, full of insider info from Cindy's personal... more

Ok, not really, but let me engage you in a game of what if? What if Syria bombed Israel 6 times this year rather than vise-versa? Last Friday, before I went on air, I learned of this illegal war crime, and hoped to cover it fully this week. Yet? Days... more

We live in a world where women endure a culture of rape, the indigenous have always endured a culture of rape, and we even rape our Earth. We are primitive and clueless. Let me tell you what primitive is: Fouling your own nest.... more

The war is on again, full tilt boogie with Obamacare Medicare and food stamp cuts while the drumbeats whimpers for war. The Earth is turning against us in our greed, while we test more nukes. You seriously could not make this shite up.... more