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Children's Christmas Special with Diane Lenning

Diane Lenning EdM

Diane Lenning EdM

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Children's Christmas Special!  with Diane Lenning 2012!

LEARNING English, Thai, Laos, Chinese, Spanish, Vietnamese, Swahili through the Bible.  NEW!  Lessons started in the Book of JOHN in the New Testament.  Call In:  1.877.497.9937

Thai: JOIN Educator Diane Lenning & Cohost Nancy, 2d Wednesday Evening of each month at 9:00-10:00 PM/pst! 

Spanish:  Diane Lenning in English and Spanish.

SwahiliJoin Diane Lenning & John (Swahili) every Friday night at 9:00-10:00 PM/pst

Toll Free Call-In Phone # 1.877.497.9937  0r 1.818.394.8537 Call in to ask questions, or email:  Diane@Lenning.com

Call 1.877.497.9937 or 1.818.394.8537

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