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DIALOGUE Between the Lines

DIALOGUE Between the Lines

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This is what, Chris Everheart, author of The Delphi Deception has to say about himself:

I’m a recovering reluctant reader turned award-winning author of books for young readers (Moonbeam Award, 2009).

I started my first book when I was 16 years old. It was “The Outsiders-meets-The Warriors” — a kid my age was thrown into a Minneapolis street war over a drug deal gone bad. I didn’t know it then, but that first manuscript was an attempt to connect to a larger world where events and people had a higher purpose than just getting through daily life.

I wasn’t a great student as a kid. This “reluctant reader” was called “slow” and “lazy.” If reading was difficult, television was my escape into the stories and worlds of other people. Later, the discovery of high school art and humanities pulled me out of a dropout spiral and gave me a fascination for the world and new ways to express myself.

Read more at: www.chriseverheart.com

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