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DON’T HOLD YOUR TONGUE is an online forum that introduces you to poets, artists, businesses, and individuals that make a positive contribution to our lives, community and the world.

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I want to introduce you to Jawan Winns. A young man determined to shine his light on anyone person or group open to receive his gift. I met Jawan through a friend and found out that he CUSTOM makes Chess boards. Jawan Winns... more

Dom Faussette joins us in the phone booth to discuss SELF promotion in the corporate world.

To ALL of my listeners I want to take this time to RECAP on our last episodes and share some exciting news with you.

As we continue our series, Brayand Ponciano joins us in the phone booth. Brayand Ponciano is an entrepreneur and very passionate about creating a self employed lifestyle. Brayand Ponciano will build on the topic of USING YOUR... more

We continue our series with a story about being adopted. Louanna Faine ( joins us in the phone booth to talk about her experiences with over 20 group homes and eventually getting adopted in her... more

For the next 3 months Dont Hold Your Tongue Radio will be interviewing 3 or more woman on the topic of Trials and Triumph, Children and Responsibility. These woman will be sharing their most personal experiences and I ask that you... more

We will be discussing the process of over coming stage fright. We will also be interviewing Lawyer Johnson (comedian) to talk about his upcming show in October. We also have the pleasure of introducing to you artist painter Kris... more

It's time to go deep into what the arts means to me and why i do what I do. It's time to open up the phone lines and chat rooms and allow YOU to express how the arts makes a difference in your life and what we can do to inspire others to... more

Join us in the phone booth to hear about whats going on at ENCORE and whats next for your HOST Divine.
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