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Why would U trust healthcare 2 government that cant balance

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it's own budget ?


Like saying to a guy that can't run a business, .. Here .. would you like some more money for your cocaine addiction ?

But it's much worse than that -- giving away your personal healthcare to this global empire building, seemingly all encompassing, monstrous entity known as the US federal government -- that is too big for its own britches and only knows how to wage war to keep it's country's economy going .. this IS THE LAST entity you would want to have power of your health !


These faith systems of council with the barack administration are scary as hell for the basic logic above is not addressed.


I personally know of the Dr. Joel of Northland ... he introduced the call - he broadcasts out of the Mega-church Northland community in a suburb of Orlando .. this is a $47 million renovated rolling rink with about 3 more large churches about Orlando.  He was on the president's advisory board during the Bush admin so it makes sense that whatever nin-come-poop in office, Joel would still keep his advisory position.   Yet, which of these faith based speakers address the fact that the US Federal government can't pay its bills, in fact will never be able to due to the debt based, phony federal reserve system of private bank, Zionist controlled ('Jewish' world dominators - One world government people).


It is apparent barack is the puppet tthat is continuing what hillary Care attempted to do during the clinton administration.


barack said 'u heard this is a government takeover of healthcare - that's not true'  

i say -- mr. barack --- would u explain the 2000 pages of pork in this bill then ?