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Environmental state - how is your's ? Is it quiet or noisy or expensive ? Usually there is a give and take - too quiet and you fall asleep...

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watched a gary franchi video on this topic ... thought i would do yet another show on this dastard event

Excercise, .,"simulation drill"

Come learn and listen with me about this charter formed in 1933 TVA ---- sounds and rhymes with TSA !!!!

been a long time and hard times for the 3 pointed hat wearing man ...

United states federal government 1933 bankruptcy

Movie reveiw and the chick from 'House' is hot (olivia 'wilde') horror type movie , not my bag, but another transhumanist flick, bringing the dead back to life ...

i was watching on crackle.com, the movie 'man on the moon' which is about comedian andy kaufmann .. so, for the free viewing of the movie ,they have about 2 min of adverts every 10 minutes... and wouldint u know, video games... more

this and that, it's chat .. . she seems very knowledgeable and has a lot to share ! (after some months of being off BTR, back and just getting back into it with a new online friend) California dreamin' ... Future and past .. Many topics being... more

news and other such the state of the US and world in September, 2014