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Environmental state - how is your's ? Is it quiet or noisy or expensive ? Usually there is a give and take - too quiet and you fall asleep...

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What else is there to say ? goblidy-gook !!! come on over and take a look !

Jen and her husband are pulling their child(ren) out of public school because of recent and past events we will discover ...

Dont wat ch on empty stomach

http://alexjonescritic.com http://Alex Jones keeps audience in dark about alleged adultery leading to divorce with... fitzinfo.wordpress.com

discussion from the oz perspectiv e!

so many corruptions - 9/11 commission, wtc7 and the silverstein debacle, asbestos removal (1 billion $ cost) that was being avoided, insurance being taken out just months before in the event of plane /terrorist attack runno building ,... more

oh 911, where is your sting .. ??/ where is your flight manifest, behest .

what has changed in yourlife in the past 14 yrs because of 9/11/01. ?

continuing saga .. episode 2, countdown to 9/11