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The Deystarr Radio Network is he Official Radio Destination of DeyStarr Unlimited, DeyJay Fashions, IndyGirlWorld Worldwide, and Power of Women Worldwide which provides an brutally honest perspective on news, entertainment, and sports while educating, empowering and educating people of al walks of life. The DeyStarr Radio Network consists of programming that is hosted by Mr. JW "Uncle Waynee" Curtis and Mrs. Dey Curtis and features Relationships and Sex Expert Mathis May, Fashion Designer and Pinup Expert, Danielle Vaghn, Life Coach, Karrilee Neal, and Sex Expert, Miss Vicki. Please call in at (347)324-3046 or email our shows at

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Special Guest: Isreal Jimenez Owner, Founder and CEO of Unforgettable Media
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Special Guest: Patrick Tchenko Actor, Model, and TV Host for Deystarr All Access on the DeystarrTV PResented by Deystarr Television Networks.

Emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing....holding yourself accountable for personal development With Special; Guest: Uncle Waynee

Being a Wiow Part One: Love, Relationships, and Sex

Curvy VS Skinny Part One: How To Be Sexy and Curvy and how to become a Plus Size Model.

Women What The F$%K Happened Part Two

Special Guest: Mathis May New Host of the Mathis May Show presented by the Deystarr Radio Network.

Part One: Women: What the F$%K Happened?!?!

2nd Annual F$%k the Cowboys Football Preview Show!!!

Special Guest, Angelica Escobedo. President and Executive Director of Power of Women Worldwide and host of thew brand new Power of Women Radio PResented by The Deystarr Radio Network