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I am your host Desert... and iHeart Radio podcaster...broadcasting the best in Indie Music, Entertainment, and Podcast. Art, music, dance, cooking, and some politics are some of my interest. This show is mental health based with peer-to-peer support... It is open to any topics about life, music, medications, or health. If you need help but do not feel comfortable talking on air you can always message me through private chat. ------ The original BTR mental health hotline: * Call in if you just need to talk. Not a doctor .. just peer support. Non-judgmental peer-support for people with mood disorders or other life situations.

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Life update: health, school, future plansMusic: All Time Low - I Feel Like Dancing Paramore - Ignorance All Time Low - Therapy Newsboys - Born Again POD - Goodbye For Now

Working through my finals, thinking of ways to get my house back in order, my frustration with Econ and my realization on why I chose to study it, childhood memory of my first stalker chic, and creating art journals to sell. Music: Nik... more

Bi&*# Please! Late nite shopping online... ways to shop without actually spending any money, being persistant in achieving your goals, taking care of your skin from sun damage, being a wonton master, how can one like my juggs if they never... more

(347) 884-8261 Coming out of my closet for a short time. Fake? You decide. Call in to talk and ask questions ... we will see if I can help. Not a doctor.. just peer to peer support. Other reader participation is welcome. Entertainment Purposes... more

Rosalie's Open Support Group Setting Goals

Narcissistic characteristic list. Thoughts on politics, court case, foods, culture, race wars and the possible end of the world. Crazy busy chat. Everyone have a nice week.

Life is like a Blow Pop: by the time you get to the gum..your teeth have fallen out. Friendship and Support come first in all shows. I am not good with relationships issues. Don't ask me cause I will tell you to dump him..LOL!... more

Chit-chat with the chatroom. A little bit about my family, foods, and some politics. Callers: Bob - Blues Unchained, Michael Hood. Music: Adam vs Eve. Epic Rap Battles of History Season 2 - Download this song on iTunes P!nk - My... more

Music: Adam vs Eve. Epic Rap Battles of History Season 2 - Download this song on iTunes P!nk - My Signature Move
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