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No Stress WordPress

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Denver WordPress Web Developer David Somerfleck hosts this podcast on WordPress web design, SEO, social media marketing, and eCommerce. This podcast is ideal for beginners, small business owners, and anyone else interested in learning about WordPress.

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In this episode of No Stress WordPress, we discuss why business owners still need professional WordPress web developers who are proficient in SEO, social media integration, copywriting, and all the works. The No Stress WordPress... more

In this brief episode of No Stress WordPress, we discuss the differences between self-hosting and free hosting for websites. What are the differences, pros, and cons of each, how does SEO factor into the equation?

In this segment, we review 8 very strong reasons why businesses, especially small businesses and startups, need to take website development and social media marketing seriously.

This episode focuses on finding easy-to-use eCommerce solutions that work every time, the No Stress WordPress way.

The question every one asks, and every web developer hears almost constantly...but stil has difficulty answering.

In this episode, Denver WordPress web designer David Somerfleck, owner of Affordable Websites Denver, LLC and No Stress WordPress explains the differences between free and premium themes, commonly used premium... more

Denver WordPress Web Designer David Somerfleck discusses the unique differences between WordPress,,, taxonomy, and why it matters.
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