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In 1979, Barney Miller was a major hit television series on ABC in the fourth year of its seven year run. Max Gail starred in the ensemble as Det. Stan ?Wojo? Wojciehowicz. I was in LA taking a shot a fame and fortune (missing the target... more

I had scheduled Max Gail as a guest and, something, somehow went floopy and he didn't call in. For all of you (and me!) who wanted to hear a converstation with this amazing man, I will work to re-schedule in the future. Instead, I did a... more

I met Keisha in 2008 when at 21, she became one of the youngest delegates to the Democratic National Convention from Texas. She also went to Ohio and did field work for the Obama campaign. Keisha is an extraordinary strategic thinker... more

I am delighted to have this conversation with Frank Butterfield, a person who delights me, challenges me, stretches me, and always invites me to connect with the place of love within me, where the whole Universe resides. Enjoy... more

Peter Pasman is an amazing guy. After a long and successful career as an engineer and team leader in the petrochemical field, he retired to use his innvoative leadership and business development skills to help companies and... more

I met Anne Sermons Gillis in Houston in 2007 when we did our first interview. What a delight she is! Anne created EZosophy which my wife, Melissa, and I use constantly to remind us that whatever it is that we are seeking is not outside of... more

Mariam Haddad is a powerful, compelling and dynamic classically-trained singer, writer and performer. She is a world-class talent. To get an idea of her evocative range and magntism - take a look at her website .... more

I have the pleasure to do my 2nd blogtalkradio conversation with Judy Kinney, coach extraordiaire and all-around delightful human being. One of the topics will be Judy's "Follow Your Bliss Experiment 2011" which will be on June 1 of this... more

Drew Stewart a rising star in the visual arts. He is an award-winning film writer, director and editor who remembers that, first of all, he is a human being and brings that perspective to everything he does.

Vickie Adair is an author, poet, teacher and speaker. Vickie wrote the acclaimed children's book, Once Upon a Tooth…a Fairy's Tale, beautifully illustrated by her sister, artist Charlene Bostick. She recently published a volume of... more
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