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Black Motherhood Empowerment! The BOLD and COURAGEOUS - The Pride of Black Motherhood is SUCCESS!

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Being female is a responsibility! The womb is a powerful organ, a conduit for life and spirit. How many women know about their womb? How to care for it? What it can do? Let the empowerment begin! Please join Denise Bolds and... more

On February 3, 2014 PBS aired a documentary: American Promise, the 13 year education journey of two Black boys in New York. This documentary was filmed by the parents and the airing has many talking about this provocative film.... more

We hear in the news so many negative incidents involving Black children in the American Education System. Everything from neglence, suspensions, to improper special education assigments, violence, sexual misconduct and of course blatant... more

THIS IS THE RESCHEDULED SHOW FROM THE FIRST THAT WAS CANCELLED DUE TO TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES. Education in America is made up og predominately white educators, often lacking in cultural diversity... more

Black Womne's Reproductive Health - A largly undiscussed topic. Black Motherhood Empowerment is proud to have special guest Elaine Riddick to discuss her empowering story of her forced sterization by the Eugenics Board... more

Black Single Motherhood - a subject long discussed and is still part of news today. Black single mothers are often accused of rasing future criminals, pisioners, and burdens of society. One woman. Dr. Rabi'a Hakima dared to write... more

Education in America is made up og predominately white educators, often lacking in cultural diversity comprehension. This fact affects black and brown children across the country in many ways that are not always positive. W.E.B. Du Bois,... more

School is back in session for children andtheir families across America. Many parents are not empowered to support thier children's success in education. The Sankofa Educational Alliance is hosting the 2013 National Harambee Education... more

What's going on in Education for Black/brownparents and children? Please joing Denise Bolds of Black Motherhood Empowerment and author of Raising Princes to be Kings: A Sinlge Black Mother's Guide to Raising Her Black Son." With... more
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