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Demimonde is the half-world, the edges of society where artists flourish. Often a term of disapprobation as the artist denizens of the demimonde disdained traditional or bourgeois values, choosing instead to indulge in the pursuit of vice, the extreme and outre, drinking and drugging, gambling, extravagant spending, and sexual hijinks. Demimonde is the half-world, the convergence zone of art and life, where the mainstream and academic meet the outlaw and subversive, where artists of diverse disciplines come together to share their vision and spark. Demimonde is the half-world, the twilight realm of literature where the living confer with the dead, where present-day practitioners of writing commune with past masters, where each text is in conversation with every other text. Demimonde is the half-world, the interface of the written and the spoken. If you love the written word, the spoken word, you are welcome here.