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Isis is a Direct Channel to The Hidden Realms of Light – providing source wisdom and spiritual solutions to life’s most challenging problems. Join a unique channel, mystic, spiritual teacher, healer and author as she talks about the higher matters of the soul, mind, body, spirit and self. Receive powerful wisdom, insights and guidance to cultivate a purposeful life, heal what ails you and develop a deeper connection to the universe and the hidden realms all around you. Listen as Isis channels higher vibrational entities, sovereign beings of light, powerful angels and kindred spirits who guide us along our life path as we learn to pursue higher levels of consciousness, optimal wellness and sacred living. Allow Isis to guide you through the various topics of light, energy, chakras, angels, reincarnation, higher wisdom, spiritual awakenings, energy healing, self healing, downloading and channeling messages and more. DeLight – The Soul’s Journey to Divine Light is pure resonance, straight from the heart of Source itself.

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ISIS shares her remarkable life story and what she has come to learn. From a near-death drowning that awakened her psychic gifts, to abduction, slavery and nearly dying, ISIS documents what she has transcended to become an awakened teacher that shares wisdom, love and light with all her followers and students. First of all, I want to invite you into my life. We all have stories, dear one. We have all experienced trauma to some extent over the course of our lives. It is what we as humans, have in common. People think the trauma in the midst of captivity is the worst. I tell you this, your mind creates monsters for years after. Even through all the therapy, all the work all the help, I had a difficult time. I put on a very brave front, but inside, I was falling apart. It wasn't until I discovered the Yoga of delight and bliss that my life changed. I didn't just meditate, however. I found it very easy to leave my body and go places. Visit. I was with spirits, angels, teachers, and even saw the ever-changing face of the Infinite itself. I realized, that I had several near-death experiences like this during my time in captivity.
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