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  • The Love Connection Episode 10

    in Television

    What happened after the cameras stopped rolling was actually way more interesting this week. Find out why Casey and Billy no longer get along and who Mark ending up spending the night with after the second date.

  • 42 - Grilled (Kevin James Never Start)

    in Movies

    Check out Bacon's video review of Adam Sandler Movies.
    This week we watch two sitcom stars, Kevin James and Ray Romano, try to carry a movie with a sitcom script.
    Voicemail: 405-418-6273 E-mail: AdamSandlerPleaseStop@gmail.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/SandlerPlsStop
    MARIE & BACON 1. Hitch 2. Grilled

  • Episode 58 - The Love Connection After Show (Natalie)

    in Comedy

    Natalie joins us to talk about her Love Connection episode, how awesome Andy Cohen is, and what happened after the cameras stopped rolling.
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  • Episode 8 - Memorial

    in Comedy

    This episode is titled “Memorial”. It appears as if many tapes were taken to another location on the island because there was no sign of them. Unlike previous tapes that we found that were just unplayable because of damage from the elements these tapes are completely missing. This final tape was clearly given special care as it was found in a crafted wooden box covered in detailed markings to make sure that whoever found it would be able to listen to it one day. It’s a big change from previously recorded episodes.

  • Episode 20 - Nicolae Ceausescu: The Romanian Dictator

    in History

    Nicolae Ceausescu (Nick-o-lie Chi-Ches-Coo) was born on January 26th, 1918. He was one of the ten children of a poor peasant family. His father owned 7 and a half acres of agricultural land, a few sheep, and he also supplemented his large family's income through tailoring.
    At the age of 7 Nicolae started his education at the local village school, but after only 4 years of education he ran away from home to escape his extremely religious, abusive, and strict father. He initially lived with his sister and became an apprentice shoemaker. The shoemaker he was an apprentice for was an active member in the then-illegal Communist Party and taught Nicolae about communism. Nicolae loved it and he was soon given small tasks to help spread the word of communism. (More on the podcast)